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  1. Victorian 4 Panel Veneer Oak Fire Door
    Victorian 4 Panel Veneer Oak Fire Door
    £179.96 Regular Price £199.95
    In stock
  2. Mexicano Veneer Oak Fire Door
    Mexicano Veneer Oak Fire Door
    £166.46 Regular Price £184.95
    In stock
  3. DX30 1930's Style Oak Fire Door
    DX30 1930's Style Oak Fire Door
    £179.96 Regular Price £199.95
    In stock

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Our range of oak fire doors is a crucial element to any property.

Internal oak fire doors are a specially engineered product designed to impede the spread of a blaze from room-to-room. Our years in the business has taught us that doors, of whatever configuration, play a hugely important role in determining the look and feel of your home.

That’s why our doors are designed and manufactured using traditional, time-honoured techniques and combined with the functionality and peace of mind you’d expect from a wooden fire door.

Why Choose Oak Fire Doors...

It’s often the case that internal oak fire doors are built only for functionality, which means you almost always have to compromise. With our range of oak fire doors, this isn’t necessary. From Mexicana to Victorian style, we have precisely what you need here at UK Oak Doors.

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So, if you require any assistance or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our live chat, email or give us a call.