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Ordering Questions

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery can take a varying amount of time, depending on the order package that you take, as well as the availability of stock;

Standard delivery
Will be delivered in 4-11 working days

Express delivery
Will be delivered in 48h from dispatch

Super Express delivery
Will be delivered ASAP – just call us on 01455 818 741 to find out our stock availability

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Delivery services will vary in cost quite dramatically as we use more than one team to deliver our products. We always select the best option for you in terms of value, though, but typically our prices tend to be;

Standard Delivery
Will be charged at £40

Express Delivery
Will be charged at £85

All orders over £750 qualify for free shipping in any Mainland UK area

Note: We are obliged to apply a shipping surcharge of £40 to cetain postcodes in Scotland, Cornwall, Devon and Wales. There may be additional postcodes which require a surcharge, please visit our Delivery page to find out more.

Are Orders Collectable?

All orders are collectable – our warehouse is located in Wednesbury, in the West Midlands. You can collect all of your orders from our warebouse base for free. We are open for collection 9AM-3PM Monday-Friday, so please feel free to drop in and pick up your order. Please allow for 24 hours’ notice from purchase for products to be prepared.

Our collection address is different from our showroom addresses, to please drop by below to see us.

  Delivery Questions

How Does Delivery Occur?

Delivery will be dealt with in a specific manner by one of the teams that we choose below. All of the delivery packages that we deal with are different, and also due to insurance purposes we simply cannot guarantee that a delivery will be made straight into your home. Once dispatched, it is the responsibility of the delivery driver and his team to deliver the product to you in the right way. If you have any problems with a delivery team, please contact us on 01455 818 741 and we can refer you to further details.

Most deliveries take place on pallets – if the driver does not take the pallet with them, we are not responsible for disposing or taking back the pallet. This is your own responsibility once delivery ahs occurred.

Who Delivers UK Oak Doors Orders?

We work with a small handful of different couriers to ensure we can offer the best and most efficient service. The courier is decided depending on what goods you have ordered and what service you have paid for. For example, if you order one tin of oil, we won’t send that with the same company we would send out twenty doors with!

Your chosen courier is confirmed via email once it has left our warehouse but if you would like more information before it is sent then please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can go into further information on an individual basis.

Can I Choose A Different Delivery Address?

If you want to deliver to an alternate address from your billing address, then you can do so at the checkout prior to completing your transaction.

What Time & Day Can I Expect My Delivery?

This will be arranged far ahead of schedule so if you need to change delivery dates, please contact us at 01455 818 741 and we will do everything that we can to accommodate you for the change, if possible. However, please be aware that sometimes this will not be possible if products are already en route to you.

Please be aware that the majority of couriers that we use only work during the week, so weekend deliveries are unlikely. We will provide you with tracking information for the delivery but as we use so many different couriers and teams, it can be hard to find a definitive solution.

Can I Choose A Specific Time of Delivery?

Yes, within reason. However, please provide at least three days of notice if you want a specific time as we will provide you with a date and time once the order is confirmed etc. if this is not going to be possible for you, contact us on 01455 818 741.

What Is The “Oiling” Service?

The oiling service means that you can have all items dealt with and treated prior to being received, meaning that doors and the like can be pre-finished. This takes time depending on the request amount, though, so please allow for delays and things like drying time to come into the equation as we try and find a suitable solution for you.

  Driver Questions

Will The Driver Tell Me The Estimated Delivery Time?

The vast majority of the time, yes. However, this changes dependent on the courier company so we can't provide a guarantee of this – for all large orders, though, we can guarantee an ETA. Smaller items may not be dealt with in the same way and may just arrive as and when they can, within an agreed timeframe prior to completing the order.

I Won’t Be Home - What Happens?

At UK Oak Doors we provide a large amount of notice beforehand to stop this from happening, so that you have more than enough time to prepare for delivery. Please be aware that if you miss a delivery that cannot be left without supervision or put through a letterbox, we will re-deliver the item to you at an extra delivery charge. It is your responsibility to ensure that the product can be picked up at the right time and at the agreed date – failure to do so is the responsibility of the customer, not UK Oak Doors.

Can I Request My Items Are Left Somewhere Specific?

The vast majority of orders are dealt with via signature so it’s likely that it will not be accepted if you are not there to present a signature for the order. However, small items without a signature being required can be picked up in this fashion, for sure. If you have any specific needs in this way don’t hesitate to contact us on 01455 818 741.

Can The Delivery Driver Help Me Inside With My Goods?

Although it is not a requirement of the job due to insurance and injury reasons, if you ask they may be able to help out. There is no standard practice for this, though, so you should not expect that to occur at any time and any damage dealt with in this way is not the responsibility of either UK Oak Doors or the delivery driver and his firm – this is purely your own responsibility.

I Want To Look At Items For Damage – Can I?

Yes, you are free to do so once it arrives – drivers will wait for you to sign and be satisfied with the job. However, if you sign the paperwork this states that you were happy with the job and the quality of the products and therefore cannot be returned in this way – if you have any problems like this, contact us on 01455 818 741.

If you find any damages or issues with the delivery, please reject the delivery and we will deal with the issue as soon as possible on your behalf.