Oak Door Construction
How our Doors are Constructed

Solid Oak Construction

The majority of our doors are constructed from solid oak to provide you with a product which offers optimal strength and appearance. Multiple pieces of solid oak are bonded tightly together. The end result is a door which offers far superior strength and stability than utilising just a single piece of wood. Where a single piece may warp and crack, multiple pieces of solid oak push against each other to prevent any unwanted movement. This construction ensures that your doors are durable and strong whilst also providing your home with the natural beauty of solid oak. All of our solid oak doors are supplied pre-sanded and unfinished unless you choose our in-house pre-finishing service.

To protect your doors from atmospheric moisture and other risks, they must be treated with a suitable product before they are hung. We highly recommend Treatex Hardwax Oils which offer an extremely durable surface finish which also enhances the look of the wood grain. Our experienced oiling team use these exact products and at just £45 per door for treatment, using this service is an excellent option due to the time you will save and also the cost of purchasing the oil.

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Solid Oak Door Construction           Solid Oak Warp Prevention       Veneer

Veneered doors are generally less expensive than a solid oak option and whilst this lower cost might appeal, they do also have their downsides when compared to their naturally beautiful solid alternative. Whilst a solid oak door can be sanded and retreated to repair scratches and small chips, veneered doors lack this quality. The grain on veneered doors is manufactured to replicate the appearance of natural wood grains. It doesn't however continue throughout the door and is only present on the very surface.

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 Oak Veneer Construction