• 5 Reasons to choose Internal Oak Doors

    When it comes to choosing interior doors for your home or business, there are any number of choices available – solid materials, hardwood veneers, or hollow flush laminates; uPVC, oak, or MDF; new, or refurbished; plain, or moulded – the list goes on. And yet, the most popular kind of door, particular in the home, but also creeping into the workplace, is oak. So, just why are internal oak doors so popular? Well, to give you all the reasons would be a list almost as long as your selection of doors, but here’s a handful to get you started.

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  • What are Interior Designers Saying About Wood in 2016?

    When it comes to interior design, it's often hard to know which trends will work in your home. After all, what looks great in a glossy magazine often isn't quite so practical in a busy home environment. But don't despair - we've hand-picked some of your favourite interior designers trends for 2016 and found some great, practical ways for you to incorporate them into your home.

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  • UK Oak Doors - Solid Oak Door Oiling Service

    All of our solid oak door are supplied pre-sanded and unfinished. This offers you the opportunity to choose your desired finish and treat your new doors accordingly with a suitable wood treatment. But what if you’re not exactly a DIY whizz and simply want to sit back, relax and admire the elegance and beauty of your new oak doors? Our in-house oiling service makes it possible for you to save time, effort and a whole lot of mess by letting us do the hard work for you. Our trained oiling specialists use tried and tested methods along with industry leading oils and specific oiling equipment to create a finished product which will leave you breathless and your visitors envious.

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  • Caring For Your Newly Delivered Solid Oak Doors

    Here at UK Oak Doors we take great pride in our brand and the relationships we have established with our customers since we were formed in 2005. From continuously reviewing customer feedback, we have been able to improve both of our products and service to provide you with a simple and safe shopping and shipping experience. But we know that what most contributes towards happy customers is the doors themselves and the sustainably sourced oak used to manufacture them. There’s no other way to achieve the natural beauty provided by using solid oak, but to enjoy that beauty for years to come, the oak must be cared for and treated.

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  • Horrible Halloween Doors

    We’ve been searching Pinterest to find some of our favourite Halloween door finishes and you can find some of the best below. Hopefully these will provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need this Halloween but if you’ve done something completely different, we’d love to see it!

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  • Factoring In the Budget with Solid Oak Doors

    As a homeowner, one of the first things you’ll want to be aware of when putting together a new home improvement plan such as updating your internal and external doors is the overall cost of the entire job. When you start out it can be easy to see the cost as something to worry about later, but when you need to buy 4-5 solid oak doors for just one area of the house (or a room) then the entire bill that you expected to be paying can shoot up quite dramatically. This is why  budgeting is a super important factor and why here at UK Oak Doors we make every effort to pass across savings to our customers, by offering free delivery on all orders over £500 for example.

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  • 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Replacement Doors

    Is it time to get replacement doors? Read our guide to find out if your doors are due an upgrade.

    Spotting the right moment to buy a new appliance is usually straightforward. Your washing machine will leak and your laptop refuses to start. Each item fails in its job, so it’s obvious when you need a new one. But how can you tell if you need replacement doors? It’s not quite so clear cut, unless look out for these 5 tell-tale signs. Continue reading

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  • 5 Questions to Consider Before You Buy New Doors

    If you’re buying new doors for your home, it’s time to pause and think about what you really need. Should you opt for stunning solid oak? Or would oak veneer be a worthy alternative at a lesser cost? To help you make the decision, we’ve put together five must-ask questions to reveal all you need to know.

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  • 10 Ways to help Birds

    Helping your local bird population can be as rewarding for you as it is for them! Anyone can help birds, whatever their age - it’s a great way of teaching children about wildlife from a young age. We have compiled a guide of the top things you can do, all year round to help birds.

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  • How to Make Money Being Green

    Looking to make a bit of extra money around the house? This is for you… If you’ve got a little bit of money spare – perhaps you’ve been saving up for the right investment – then something that simply has to be considered is going green around the home. Did you know that instead of getting energy bills each month, you could be sending out energy bills to suppliers? Not literally, but if you’re generating your own energy at home then you are able to sell it back to the electrical grid, rather than you having to fork out to use theirs.

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