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  • Winter Warming Accessories

    Winter has definitely arrived, and while I hate the cold and can't wait for Spring, I also can't deny that this time of year is ideal for making the most of our homes. Summer is all about enjoying every glimpse of sunshine,  while Winter is about wrapping up inside with roaring fires, hot stews, and cosy chairs for company.

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  • Oak Furniture: My Favourite Oak Finds....

    Last week I was reading the brilliant mad about the house when I came across this little gem

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  • Kitchens On a Budget

    This month I'm joined by the very talented Caroline Rowland of the fantastic Patchwork Harmony blog who will be sharing her top tips for creative kitchens on a budget. Take it away Caroline!

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  • Weird and Wonderful Things I Found on Pinterest

    Pinterest is a relatively new social site, at least compared to Facebook and Twitter. It entered closed beta in March 2010, and quickly became the social media site that everyone had to have access to. Initially, it was popular with female users, but over the last few years some men (like me) have started to ‘get’ the appeal of Pinterest too. If you’ve ever logged on and started browsing, it’s easy to understand why the site is so popular. It is a treasure-trove of creative ideas, must-have products, and quirky projects. Continue reading

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  • Statement Storage Boxes

    Storage boxes are a great way to make a statement with something that's practical too.

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  • How Does Your Garden Grow – Inside?

    To bring a more feminine touch to my blog, I asked the lovely Jo Ridout from A Passion for Homes to share some of her floral design favourites. Take it away Jo!

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  • The Delicious Beauty of The Pueblos Blancos

    I have recently been in touch with a number of my favourite bloggers in interior design and asked them if they'd be so kind as to share their design passions over here on my blog. I've had some great feedback and have got lots of treats in store for you! We're first joined by the very talented Andrea of Trying to Balance the Madness. To bring a little sunshine into your day, she has joined me to talk about her love of Spain's gorgeous Pueblos Blancos.

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  • Designing With Dogs

    You've probably heard the showbiz saying warning against working with children or animals. The truth in that saying extends to interior design too. No matter how stylish, chic and timeless you make your home, it's inevitable that if you have a small child - or, in my case, a 2 year-old German Shepherd:

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  • Amazing Outdoor Furniture (Because summer is finally here!)

    The British summer doesn't last long, so it's important to take advantage of every single moment. We're lucky enough to have a nice big garden at the rear of our home; one which sees sun for a large portion of the day. My wife and I love spending time out there, but our teenage kids seem happier spending their time indoors updating their Facebook pages. This year, I'm determined to change that. We're having a barbecue, and they're going to enjoy it!

    This Biergarten Dining Set is an ideal replacement for the rickety plastic garden furniture we have right now. It's big enough to accommodate a few of our friends when we're entertaining, and it provides enough working space for my wife to use when she wants to take her laptop outside to send emails on a summer evening. The design really does evoke memories of the beer garden outside Fruh in Cologne, too.

    Striped Biergarten Dining Set

    Of course, persuading the kids to come and hang out at a beer garden table is not going to be easy. I think putting a couple of these Ibiza Chaise loungers on the patio might help. I don't think the natural colour would survive for long in this household, but the Navy looks a lot like blue denim, so it should cope well with iced coffee stains, and still looks young, trendy, and comfortable.


    The Ibiza Chaise carries an impressive price tag for something that seats only one person, starting at $800 for the most basic model. If you're on a budget, and want to seat a few more people, this classically styled Le Versha Chair is a fraction of the cost, and since it's made of iron it's easier to keep clean too.

    Le Versha Chair

    Pair it up with this vintage table for some vintage, decorative seating when entertaining large groups. You could pick up the table and a few chairs for the price of one chaise, and while wrought-iron inspired chairs are nowhere near as comfortable as a chaise, they most definitely look good.

    Vintage Garden Table

    Speaking of looking good, this illuminated outdoor table is awesome for evening entertaining. I love looking at Hollywood mansions and penthouse pool areas. I know it's unlikely that I'll ever live in somewhere like it myself, but serving hors d'oeuvres around our pond, before retreating to the patio for cocktails served at one of these trendy tables is the next best thing. Now if only I could get some celebrity special guests to come and hang out with us…..

    Bass Illuminated Outdoor Table

    Some of our close friends have children, so we need to make sure that our pond is safe. It's not a large pond, but it is big enough to be dangerous for a small child. Before we can safely entertain, we need a good pond cover. Most of the commercial ones I've seen are rather boring and utilitarian. I want a pond cover that looks like a decorative feature itself. Something like this creative pond cover:

    pond cover

    Now all I need is a barbecue to go with it. Oh, and some cooking skills!

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  • Sinks and taps (because they don't have to be boring)

    Next time you remodel your bathroom, spare a moment for the humble basin. There's no need to limit yourself to a standard ceramic sink and a simple chrome tap.  Check out these gorgeous bathroom basins that will add personality to your room.

    1. The Sophie Bathroom Basin - Copper

    The Sophie Bathroom Basin is a small, copper vanity basin which will add instant rustic to any bathroom. This basin is perfect for a small bathroom, or a vanity basin in a bedroom.  The sink would look beautiful sunken into any marble, granite or wooden counter.


    2. The Zen Vessel

    Another exquisite vanity sink, the Zen Vessel is a dark granite free-standing sink with chiselled sides. This has got to be my favourite of the lot; I’d love to have it in my bathroom although I’m sure it wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end hotel either….


    3. Travertine Stone Sink

    This rectangular stone sink is made of Niche Travertine. The sink is large and deep, and is designed to stand above the counter. The sink can take a large volume of water, and has steep sides to prevent spillages and water splashing over the sides. This Travertine sink has a timeless finish, and although I think it’s a great piece, I do think the one above makes more of a statement.


    4. LED Faucets

    I’m a big fan of modern and contemporary interiors, and I love this Chrome LED Waterfall spout. The "Roman Tub Spout" design is made of chrome, and features built-in colour changing LEDs which glow in different colours according to the temperature of the water; green when the water is cool, blue when it is between 30 and 39 degrees Celsius, and red when the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees.

     led faucets

    5. European Style Roman Waterfall Faucets

    I love this faucet too; it’s similar in a way to the one above but is possibly even more eye-catching. Instead of the water coming downwards out of the faucet, it flows off the faucet like a waterfall. Very tempting.

    European Style Roman Waterfall FaucetsWhich sink and/or tap do you like best?

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