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  • What You Need to Know About Sustainable Wood

    With increasing demand for natural wood – it’s important to have sustainable forests and sustainable construction. As wood prices increase and availability of exotic wood decreases and rain forests are harvested – the world’s eco and climate structure will surely be affected and companies will need to recognize a global disaster may be round the corner. 

    Choosing Ethically

    Sustainable wood is a recyclable material that can be mass produced for various products. When choosing a wood, it is good practice to check for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, to ensure the wood comes from sustainable managed forests. We all have to play our part to protect the environment and making the right choice when buying solid wood - is one way how we can do this. Continue reading

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  • What is a Mortise And Tenon Joint?

    The mortise and tenon is one of the most commonly used joints. It has been used for centuries in woodwork, particularly in doors, windows and chairs. A mortise simply put - is a hole in a piece of wood and another piece of wood slots into this.

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  • Why Choose Solid Oak External Doors?

    First Impressions Count

    The old saying goes, first impressions count - and the same could be said for first impressions about your home. Naturally one of the first things people see is your external doors.

    external oak doors The Oxbow External Door

    If you feel your old home needs updating, renovating or simply a facelift then a great place to start is with the front door. Today - a wide choice of styles to fit your taste are available with more choices of material.  A classic, and possibly the most stylish and timeless option - is a wooden exterior door, in particular oak external doors. Whether it’s a front or back door you are after, oak external doors will fit your needs perfectly both aesthetically and safety wise.

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  • Why Choose Solid Oak Internal Doors?

    The choice of solid oak doors is endless, there are so many designs available. Styles vary from traditional ledge and brace doors to the modern contemporary styles of door. We also see the traditional Victorian four panel and the six panel Edwardian oak door that look perfect in most homes. Oak internal doors, including French doors bring a classic rich beauty and timeless style to your home for that all important finishing touch. They have a beautiful natural grain, giving your room a clean stylish contemporary feel providing .........

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  • How To Hang An Internal Oak Door - Using Butt Hinges

    Hanging a solid oak door is relatively simple. But hanging it wrong could cause the door to have gaps between the oak door and frame or the oak door to stick to the flooror frame which would cause issues with opening and closing properly. If it isn’t lined up properly the door will not latch or lock properly.

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