• A Guide to the Specification of Different Door Hinges

    There are aspects of home renovation that are exciting and rewarding, after all you are deciding on the surroundings you and your family will be living in for some time to come. But then again, there are also the more mundane details that need to be taken care of.

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  • 1930's Home Design and the Classic 1930's Door

    A Touch of Arts n Crafts With a Bit of Art Deco...

    Chances are if you've caught a few episodes of Poirot  on TV you’ll be familiar with the design of the clothes, cars and buildings from the 1930’s. Simple smooth straight lines define the art deco period but many homes designed in the late 20’s, early 30’s had the influence of the arts and craft movement from the turn of the century and also the beginnings of modernism too.

    The first World War took a terrible toll on the country and the loss of lives reduced not just the the need for building new houses but also the number of skilled workers to build them. But by the start of the second World War there had been a 50% increase in the total number of homes in Britain in just a 20 year period. It jumped from eight million in 1919 to over 12 million by 1939 mostly being built around established towns as suburbs in rural developments. Continue reading

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  • Kitting Out Your First Home

    Where, what and when to buy...

    Buying a first home until recently came with some quite sizeable savings compared to the purchase of subsequent homes, zero stamp duty on homes of less than £250k for one and there are still some savings for first time buyers to make against the purchase of new builds.

    However, there are many things the first time buyer has to purchase that the second time buyer does not. These include things like beds, dining tables and sofas etc. So with all this extra expense, what about the chore of decorating your first home? Obviously, people are going to need a bed and mattress and some basic furniture more than freshly painted skirting boards but there is a huge advantage to being able to paint and decorate an empty house rather than one that’s full of cherished items and brand spanking new furniture. This article assumes that first time buyers have a limited budget and need to prioritise purchases, so the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should probably look elsewhere. Continue reading

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  • The True Cost Of Buying A Home: The Other Stuff!

    Got the Fees Covered, What Else?

    Buying a new home is portrayed at the outset as being as simple as choosing the house doll housethen your carpets and decor but the vast array of fees and costs behind it all can be daunting or worse still, hidden. We don’t want to put you off a move up the property ladder if it’s the right thing to do, but with a comprehensive list of costs you can realistically see how far up the next rung actually is, not just estate agents' asking prices. Another article has dealt with mortgage, valuation and legal fees. This article will look at stamp duty, surveys, removal costs, repairs, furniture and extras. Continue reading

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  • DIY Disasters Solved

    There is something about a Bank Holiday that makes some wives think their husbands should be occupied putting up shelves or fixing a plumbing problem. Occasionally women themselves decide that there is no better time than a Bank Holiday to hang

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  • The True Cost Of Buying A Home: The Fees!

    Fees Might Be Expensive But Should Never Be scales cash

    When considering buying a new home it’s the headline numbers that grab our attention and get the mind racing. It might be the realisation of what your current home is now worth or that you've seen a ‘do-er upper’ at a knock down price that makes a move to a new house at the top end of a sensible budget now possible. However, it’s not as straight forward as it seems at the outset and it’s not just first time buyers that get caught out, stamp duty alone on a £300k house would be £9,000 for example. There are other unavoidable costs too such as structural surveys, mortgage fees and legal fees to traverse so we've put together a simple check list over a couple of articles for buyers to consider before getting in too deep. Continue reading

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  • See UK Oak Doors at the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show: 29th March – 1st April

    If you’re planning any home improvements or even considering a self-build project then a trip to the NEC at the end of March is a must!

    The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show is now in its 21st year and with over 400 exhibitors, a variety of master classes and seminars, demonstrations, clinics and advice centres there is plenty for the home improvement enthusiast to go at.

    Exhibiting for the third consecutive year, UK Oak Doors will be displaying a variety of internal and external solid oak doors at stand D116. Continue reading

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  • Maximise Your Decorating Potential - Part Two

    "If you want a good finish you need a good start"

    This is the second part in a series of decorating articles aimed at helping the home decorator get a professional looking finish with tips from the pro’s. Each section gives simple steps to take to prevent common decorating mistakes that are easy to avoid. Continue reading

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  • Maximise Your Decorating Potential - part one

    “If you want a good finish you need a good start” 

    blue paint and roller

    Painting walls, doors and other such areas around the house is one of the most common decorating DIY projects we are likely to take on. Many DIY jobs have acquired unwarranted but popular phobias through the swapping of horror stories down the pub. Drilling through a wall to put up some simple shelves only to burst a pipe is a classic. This coupled with a misunderstanding that some decorating and DIY jobs require a detailed knowledge of technical terms and a wealth of experience to be completed means that people are far more likely to pick up a roller than a router. Continue reading

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  • Live or Let Buy... Could The 'Buy To Let' Market Work For You?

    An Investment live or let buyWith Wings?

    Last year saw another rise in the number of buy to let (BTL) mortgages being given and 2010 rebounded 10% higher than the total for 2009. The impact of the banking crisis shook up lenders to revise the promiscuous and financially licentious nature of their lending with its ‘let's cross that bridge later’ attitude to credit. The structural survey on the ground our heavily overpriced housing market was built on came back showing signs of heavy subsidence, the foundations required underpinning which has subsequently cost the UK billions. Unfortunately, to use a technical term, this was a ‘double whammy’ on the economy as a whole. Continue reading

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