• Oak Processionary Moths A Threat to the Olympics?

    Unwelcome Guests Without Tickets Set To Spoil Olympics in London

    It’s not often that an ecological news story breaches the sports section of the Sunday papers but recently a small caterpillar from Holland did just that. Indeed, it's not often anything from Holland makes the sport section outside of football but now there is a genuine concern that the oak processionary moth (OPM) could spoil the Olympics this summer. And no, they don’t work at Heathrow as immigration officials either. Continue reading

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  • Generation Rent: The Decline of Home Ownership in the UK

    The shake up in the housing market from the fallout of the credit crunch three years ago looks like it will have long term implications for first time buyers. A new study has polled thousands of 20-45 year olds who currently rent their home for their views on the housing market and where they stand within it. Not surprisingly the outlook is pretty grim for a variety of reasons we’ll go into a bit later in the article but what is surprising is the long term view these people have on how their generation will cope getting on to the property ladder at all. Continue reading

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  • Incorporating Gothic Style Ironmongery

    ‘Gothic’ these days is a term most likely heard when used in reference to a pasty looking teenager with communication issues but in design circles it has a great legacy. In fact the term ‘Goths’ and ‘Gothic’ are from the same lineage but after getting somewhat confused during the 80’s now mean very different things. Actually Gothic design in architecture and home design also suffered from an identity crisis during the Victorian age when it had a celebrated revival. That revival led to the unique design of some of Britain's most famous buildings and some popular items of ironmongery seen in country cottages and grand homes today.

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  • Should You Buy A Home In A Conservation Area?

    Conservation Area? Isn’t that for ducks?

    "unfortunately Mr Smith your application for planning permission for flats has been turned down on this occasion..."

    Go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, get rid of kids, move to countryside.
    This is roughly the plan many couples have as to how they hope things will turn out in the long term, particularly those that are currently part of the rat race in large metropolises. Most people assume that it would not be until they moved to the countryside that they would have to consider the implications of buying a home in a conservation area. But they’d be wrong.

    Some families are finding that the perfect location for their next home is relatively expensive for the size of the house and it’s not in the rolling hills of Bucks but deep in the heart of the town. This could be due to the fact the home is located in an urban conservation area, a tag guaranteed to bump up the price of buying and maintaining houses. Here's why... Continue reading

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  • Hanging A Door Using T Hinges: A How-To Guide

    T-hinges are as much a part of the style of a country cottage doorway as the door they hold up. Unlike its more common cousins that are usually hidden from view, the t-hinge sits proudly exposed on top of the wood even when closed.

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  • Choosing Colour Schemes – The Psychology Behind Other Colours

    Mood for thought...

    Having already looked at the effects the primary colours have on the ambiance and mood within our surroundings this naturally leads us to consider other colour schemes. Every shade and colour used in modern interior design is a mix of other colours, the likelihood is that if you visited ten houses in a day the only time you’ll see a full red is on a post box on the journey. In fact, aside from researching examples of fresh contemporary room designs, homework for this article was to investigate the number of different paints available for one colour group from just one hardware store to assimilate ourselves with the choices consumers face. We counted twelve shades of matt green water based paint available and that’s before you start introducing the different emulsions or paint types on top, and green is a mix of blue and yellow anyway. So below are some more examples of colour schemes, the aura they emit and how (and how not) to use them in the home. Continue reading

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  • Choosing Colour Schemes – The Psychology Behind Primary Colours

    Mood for thought... Choosing Colour Schemes

    Maybe it's the changing colours of the seasons or maybe it's nature's fiery warning colours, whatever it is, colour psychology is a pretty innate part of how we think and feel in different environments. Sometimes it’s subconscious whilst other times it’s obvious. Choosing Colour Schemes – The Psychology Behind Primary Colours. Volumes of research has been carried out on the psychology of colour but when it comes to interior design it’s fairly simple to comprehend associated moods and ambiances with different colour schemes. The trick of the skilled interior designer is to play on these inherent associations and weave other colours to sympathise with dominant wall or ceiling colours or to deliberately oppose them. So let's go through some dominant room colours, how they make us feel and how they are best used within interior design about the house, pointing out some pitfalls along the way. In the first article we’ll have a look at the primary colours; red, blue and yellow. Continue reading

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  • The UK Woodland Carbon Code

    More Than Carbon Sponges...

    UK Oak Doors only uses wood from woodland managed by foresters that consider more than just the trees in an area being selected for deforestation and is perfectly in line with the new UK carbon code. The donor trees are taken from areas where the overall environmental impact is considered. Even though UK Oak Doors' solid oak is taken from European forests we were pleased to see the UK government promoting a new woodland carbon code specific to UK forests. Planting one tree at the expense of another is not what responsible foresting or ‘environmentally friendly wood’ is about. Firstly, planting a new sapling will not absorb the same volume of CO2 a fully grown tree will and secondly the deforestation of an area has far more destructive effects on the environment than the calculated carbon deficit resulting from the loss of the trees alone.

    “The important thing to remember is that woodlands are not just carbon sponges. They are also vital in supporting a range of threatened wildlife”

    Martin Harper, RSPB Continue reading

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  • Relaxed Home Improvement Rules For Scotland

    Shoogle Up the Housing Market Removing Auld Red Tape?

    1099194_estate_site_banner_1_sxc.huAt the end of August last year the Home Builders Federation released figures showing the number of new homes given planning permission for the first half of 2011 in the UK. The information is split by region and it showed a worrying trend for Scotland. In two years the proportion of new homes built in Scotland has halved. In 2009 it represented 18% of the overall number and now this has fallen to 9%. Continue reading

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  • Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing Interior Doors

    Professional interior designers have always placed the correct choice of interior doors high on the list of importance when considering where to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ on a redecoration or remodelling project.

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