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  • Choosing Solid Oak Stable Doors

    The British Winter is cold, extremely cold and as such, we like to take full advantage of our gardens when even the mildest of days comes around. As we embrace what little sunshine we do get, there is a growing desire to connect indoor and outdoors spaces using alternatives to standard stable doors and bi-fold doors.

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  • How to Glaze A Door

    Glazing a door may seem like a difficult job but it is more straightforward than you might think. These tips will help you to install glass into an external or internal door.

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  • How to Oil an External Oak Door

    Our solid oak external doors are handcrafted with care to ensure stability and warp resistance, but to ensure they last you a lifetime they must be correctly treated and cared for. The effects of harsh weather conditions like wind, rain and snow can all contribute to rot and damage. Because Oak is a natural product, we do not recommend the doors are directly exposed to the elements, ideally the door will be enclosed within a porch or under a canopy. To further ensure they last for as long as possible, you must treat them before fitting them, and then clean and re-treat them every two or three years. Here is our guide to correctly treating your external oak doors.

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  • Why Choose Solid Oak External Doors?

    First Impressions Count

    The old saying goes, first impressions count - and the same could be said for first impressions about your home. Naturally one of the first things people see is your external doors.

    external oak doors The Oxbow External Door

    If you feel your old home needs updating, renovating or simply a facelift then a great place to start is with the front door. Today - a wide choice of styles to fit your taste are available with more choices of material.  A classic, and possibly the most stylish and timeless option - is a wooden exterior door, in particular oak external doors. Whether it’s a front or back door you are after, oak external doors will fit your needs perfectly both aesthetically and safety wise.

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