Who Will Win The TARDIS Door? Cast Your Vote Now....

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to show us what they have done to #SaveTheDay and be in with a chance of this real life TARDIS door!


We have shortlisted the entries to fifteen of the best and are handing the vote over to you! Choose carefully since you have just one chance to vote, and a Tardis door in the wrong hands is a dangerous weapon to all of Gallifrey’s enemies.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page to choose who you think is most worthy of winning this 99.7% real TARDIS door, and all the adventures* it will bring.

Each photo is numbered - you will find its corresponding number in the poll below.
The votes will close on the 3rd of December.

Let the adventures in time and space begin!


We're Baking Cakes and dressing up to #SaveTheDay One

Baking Cakes and dressing up to #SaveTheDay

pooch doctor #SaveTheDay Two

Partying with this gone wrong regeneration of the doctor as the guest of honour #BowTiesAreCool

TARDIS #savetheday Three

Going on adventures in time and space #AdventuresAreCool

fishfingers and custard Four

Eating fishfingers and custard

My boyfriend saving the world on his mission to Mars... Five

Saving the world on a mission to Mars #SpaceAdventuresAreCool

painting with kids Six

Painting with kids to keep them entertained

dalek predicament Seven

Getting out of a tricky predicament

I'm saving the day by keeping an alien race of camouflage catouflaged cats at bay! Eight

Keeping an alien race of camouflage catouflaged cats at bay!

#savetheday face paint Nine

Taking it in turns to paint our faces as scary as we can, ready for hiding behind the sofa during the big show

spaceoutfits #savetheday Ten

Making space related outfits for the programme tonight! #savetheday

rescuing chickens #savetheday Eleven

Rescuing and giving a permanent loving home to ex battery hens

Building another Tardis to help #SaveTheDay Twelve

Building another Tardis to help #SaveTheDay

fighting the dalek Thirteen

Fighting the Daleks

Sonic screwdriver Fourteen

Telling Sonic bedtime stories

Turning invisible Fifteen

Turning invisible to #SaveTheDay

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*All adventures in time and/or space are undertaken at owner's own risk. UK Oak Doors cannot accept liability for encounters with monsters, aliens, parallel universes or other potentially unpleasant timey-wimey stuff resulting from ownership of the TARDIS door.

UK Oak Doors
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