What are Interior Designers Saying About Wood in 2016?

When it comes to interior design, it's often hard to know which trends will work in your home. After all, what looks great in a glossy magazine often isn't quite so practical in a busy home environment. But don't despair - we've hand-picked some of your favourite interior designers trends for 2016 and found some great, practical ways for you to incorporate them into your home.

Natural Materials

According to Anna van Dongen, founder of Space Matters Design, combining natural materials like wood, stone and metals (brass and copper especially), can have a big impact in your home. These elements combine to create a warming, welcoming environment. The key to mixing them is simplicity. Be bold - use strong combinations like wood and brass to give a real impact.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours were a big feature in 2015 interior design and they're still going strong! "2016 colours will be Quartz Pink and Serenity light blue", says Alessandra Barlassina, founder of the award-winning interior design blog, Gucki. "I think we'll find lot of furniture and home accessories in these colours with natural wooden accents and metal details".

Gabriella Palumbo, founder of interior design and fashion website, Flat 15, suggests trying pastel colours with pale woods. "This gives off softer, airier tones", she says. Wooden features accentuate pastel colours perfectly, which in turn can give a much more relaxed feel to a home. Getting the right combination of pastel shade and wood to suit your style needn't be a challenge, and there are plenty of colour and wood options available to you. We recommend trying a soothing mauve with light wood. Update your doors, windowsills, or simply add a beautiful nest of tables.


Texture is often the missing piece in a room's design scheme and can help to add visual weight to a room. Without texture, rooms can look flat and uninviting. Rough textures make a room feel intimate while smooth textures add a sleek vibe.

Contrast is always an important element of design. Given the popularity of smooth pastel colours, you will need to add rough texture elsewhere:

  • Architectural elements - Beams, rails, even skirting. Try to highlight any interesting features in your home. Doors and windowsills are often overlooked, but with the right design scheme, they can really enhance a room's appeal.
  • Floors and walls - A textured wall design can dramatically enhance a room's design. A well placed rug is also an easy way to add texture.
  • Furniture - Marble tops, a solid oak table, leather chairs - furniture is a great way to add different textures.
  • Décor items and textiles - Add scatter cushions, blankets and flowers. Small touches like this can make a big difference.

Modern and Traditional Styles

Whether it's big or small changes you're making, you should really consider what oak features can do for your interior design scheme. At UK Oak Doors, our doors and accessories come in a range of modern and traditional styles and we only use the finest Grade-A European Oak. For more information, call our team today on 01455 565 565 or complete a contact form and we'll be in touch soon.

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