Weird and Wonderful Things I Found on Pinterest

Pinterest is a relatively new social site, at least compared to Facebook and Twitter. It entered closed beta in March 2010, and quickly became the social media site that everyone had to have access to. Initially, it was popular with female users, but over the last few years some men (like me) have started to ‘get’ the appeal of Pinterest too. If you’ve ever logged on and started browsing, it’s easy to understand why the site is so popular. It is a treasure-trove of creative ideas, must-have products, and quirky projects.

For an interior designer, Pinterest is a source of great inspiration, and it can be pretty dangerous to your wallet, too. Here’s a quick look at some weird and wonderful things I’ve found recently:

1.       The Movisi Modular Book Case

bookcaseThis modular book case made by Movisi caught my eye for several reasons. Firstly, it’s lightweight, clean and modern. Secondly, the shape of the shelves are far more aesthetically pleasing than most of the other modular book cases on the market. Instead of harsh, flat angles this uses an organic, soft hexagonal design. It’s a subtle twist on the modular idea, but I love it.

2.      The Champagne Cork Stopper Stool


When I was at university I had one of those giant beer bottle money boxes. Now my tastes are a little more refined, I don’t think a beer bottle full of two pence pieces is a worthy addition to my living room. This champagne cork stopper stool from Fab fills the “quirky but functional” role well, and still lets me express my love for a nice drink.

3.       Upcycled Traffic Sign Chairs


This is another holdover from my university days. I was never the rebellious one who stole traffic signs or street signs, but several of my classmates liked to gather “Men at Work” signs and any other signs that weren’t thoroughly nailed down.... This upcycled chair is, supposedly, made of old signs. I just hope they were acquired by legitimate means!

4.       The Monster Chair


Sadly, my kids are too old to appreciate this chair, so I don’t have an excuse to buy it. Yes, I know it's kind of hideous, but I can't help but like it....

5.       Growing Furniture


Peter Cook and Becky Northey from Australia have made a “living chair” by shaping a tree into a garden chair. This living chair is a true work of art, and something that makes you appreciate the beauty of nature. It looks like something that belongs in a fairytale, and would make a great talking point in any garden.

6.       Modular Furniture


This modular furniture makes me feel like a child again. Imagine taking soft “furniture bricks” and turning them into a bed, chair, sofa or table – anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless, and that’s a dream come true for any designer.

7.       Convertible Furniture


Is it a chair, a sofa, or perhaps a single bed? This convertible furniture can be anything you want it to be. The smooth, polished wood looks gorgeous, and makes manipulating this convertible furniture an exquisite tactile experience.

8.       Cardboard Seating


At first glance, it’s hard to believe that this beautiful curved bench is made of cardboard, but it is! What better way to show off your green lifestyle than by using sustainable furniture? Just don’t spill coffee on it! From Flexible Love.

9.       Upcycled Tables

upcycled table

This creative table is made from reclaimed wood, and would look great in a wine cellar or a country-style kitchen. What’s more, since it’s custom made from reclaimed wood, no two versions will be completely alike.

10.   The Garden Bench

garden bench

Ian Cameron Smith is a Scottish furniture maker who specializes in hand-carved works.  He showed off this beautiful garden bench at the Scottish Furniture Maker’s Exhibition in Glasgow last year. I love the natural curves and the rich texture of the wood.

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