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Solid Oak Door Oiling Service

All of our solid oak door are supplied pre-sanded and unfinished. This offers you the opportunity to choose your desired finish and treat your new doors accordingly with a suitable wood treatment. But what if you’re not exactly a DIY whizz and simply want to sit back, relax and admire the elegance and beauty of your new oak doors?

Our in-house oiling service makes it possible for you to save time, effort and a whole lot of mess by letting us do the hard work for you. Our trained oiling specialists use tried and tested methods along with industry leading oils and specific oiling equipment to create a finished product which will leave you breathless and your visitors envious.

Why Do Doors Need Oiling?

Oak is a natural material which moves in a completely natural way when it absorbs moisture. This of course isn’t suitable for doors which need to maintain their structural integrity and shape to ensure they retain their straight fit within the frame. The way to ensure this happens is to seal the wood so that it can no longer absorb moisture.

Applying a wood treatment such as Treatex Hardwax Oil will enhance the wood grain look of a door and also protect it against moisture but also knocks and scratches too. To ensure the door is fully protected, it should be treated thoroughly with no untreated wood left including the sides, bottom and any areas which have been altered to make room for hinges, handles and knobs.

What Products Are Used For Your Oiling Service?

Any solid oak doors which are oiled in house are finished in exactly the same product which we sell for customers to use themselves. Treatex Hardwax Oils are our chosen product for internal doors as they offer an unrivaled combination of protection and enhanced appearance.


Treatex Hardwax Oils are also extremely easy to work with providing a smooth and even finish which is (with some basic DIY ability) both quick and straightforward to achieve. Water based treatments should NOT be used on our doors and this is why we highly recommend Treatex.

Why Should I Use Your Oiling Service?

Our oiling team treat hundreds of doors each day and as such can finish your doors both quickly and to the highest standard possible. With tools specific to the job, plenty of space and excellent ventilation, the working area is optimal.

Treating your doors at home can be time consuming, messy and awkward if you don’t have any previous experience. So why not leave it to the professionals and instead receive your doors already finished and looking beautiful?

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