Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing Interior Doors

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Professional interior designers have always placed the correct choice of interior doors high on the list of importance when considering where to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ on a redecoration or remodelling project. This is a fundamental cornerstone of any successful design so we thought we’d help you avoid costly mistakes by putting together a guide to help ensure you end up choosing right interior doors for your home.

After all, once they’re cut to size and fitted they can’t be returned to the store unlike most of the other items for your redesign.

1. Budget

First have a think about your budget. How many interior doors do you need to replace to really do your redesign justice? Think long term! Soft furnishings and items like coffee tables can be bought and added over time and ideally should be matched to the hard furnishings like doors, windows and flooring not the other way round. So it’s best to ensure you spare enough of your budget to sort all the doors first. It could also make sound financial sense too as many suppliers will offer discounts for larger orders.

2. Style

When defining the right type of door for your interior, classify the period and style of your home first, then narrow down the door designs to match after. Some homes are more flexible with a range of contemporary or classic features and architecture. Other homes are much closer related to a specific style genre and therefore you must be careful to choose fixtures and fittings that compliment that period or style.

ledge and brace doors Ledge and Brace


mexicano doors Mexicano Style

Oak Ledge and Brace Doors are a good example of a classic rustic look well suited to a country cottage. They exude the romance of the country lifestyle and would not look right in a more contemporary build where something like a Mexicano contemporary style would be much better suited.

Oak Suffolk interior doors however are somewhere in between and hence their ongoing popularity, this style was unsurprisingly chosen by Sian Astley from Channel 4′s Property Ladder for one of her own projects.


Suffolk door Suffolk Door
4 Panel French Door 4 Panel French

Don’t forget you also have the option of choosing a glazed door. If your home suffers from a lack of natural daylight, you can make the most of what’s available by fitting a door with glass panels to let the light pass from room to room. One of the most exciting designs available from us at UK Oak Doors is the Oak Four Panel Glazed French. As the name suggests this is in a French style with four panels of clear glass allowing the maximum amount of light to be shared between rooms whilst still retaining a solid oak construction.

3. Finish, Furnishings and Architrave

Your interior doors add further focus to your interior design project by virtue of their finish. Some might consider painting the doors but if you have chosen solid oak internal doors you always have the option of staining, oiling or waxing to retain a natural wood finish. Something you can be really proud of. However, whether doors are painted or given a natural finish both will require some form of maintenance to keep them looking and functioning at their best with all the bumps and knocks they can expect. Using a product such as Treatex Hardwax Oils for interior doors will ensure your doors retain their beauty for years to come.

Treatex Hardwax Oils Protect Your Doors

4. Fire Standard Interior Doors

It may only be of importance in certain circumstances but some renovations require minimum fire standards for the fire safety of the doors. This is particularly applicable for rented accommodation. UK Oak Doors supply a range of engineered oak fire doors such as the Victorian 6 Panel Fire Door which is indistinguishable from the non fire doors yet achieves a fire rating of FD30 (i.e. can sustain a fire for 30 minutes in controlled testing)

5. Supplier Reliability & Feedback

Oak furnishings have boomed in popularity in the last few years, not just doors but also interior furnishings. On the one hand this means more choice but on the other this leads to fly-by-night suppliers and other cowboys.

To ensure you buy from a reputable retailer find a well established supplier of oak interior doors and look for genuine customer feedback that comments not only on the quality of products but also what the entire buying experience has been like. This will include their ability to answer questions and queries as well as the reliability of their delivery service. You don’t want a wonky door turning up late and holding up your project, especially if it was sent by a company that won’t listen and got the order wrong in the first place.

Or in other words...
The last thing you need is a company that makes you hoarse if your stable door can't be bolted.

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