The Changing Seasons - What It Means For Your Oak Doors

With October coming to a close and the nights drawing in, the temperature is noticably dropping as the season is changing. Now that it is getting cold there may be a temptation to start cranking up the heating. However, if you have solid oak doors in your home (or flooring for that matter) then don't!

Heating your home is fine but try and go for a gradual change rather than suddenly putting the heating on maximum. This type of sudden moisture change can have a serious impact on your oak doors, putting strain on them which could lead to them bending or warping.

If you've invested in solid oak doors then it is important to treat them well and that means applying an appropriate oil or wax finish (such as Treatex for internal doors or Impranol for external doors) and bearing in mind the conditions that will be best suited.

So ease the heating on gradually over the coming weeks and avoid giving your oak doors a shock. With rising fuel costs you'll save a few pounds too :-)

If you have any questions about our doors or need advice on treatments then please contact a member of the UK Oak Doors team - we will be happy to help.

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