The Big Brands Who Use Recycled Materials

As an environmentally ethical company with a strict commitment to using sustainable wood, recycling is a big concern for us. Unfortunately, many people (understandably) often find it hard to recycle as it isn’t the ‘easiest option’. But, if we’re not spending that extra five minutes a day to recycle we’re not helping our environment. If we all binned our unwanted items properly we could recycle over 45% more waste than what we’re recycling at the moment – that’s a HUGE difference!

An easy way to help the environment, when it comes to recycling, is to buy products made from recycled materials. Even if you occasionally forget to throw the odd bit of plastic in the recycling bin, if you’re buying items made from recycled materials you’re helping the environment massively.

We really admire companies such as ReCycle, Ekocycle, Timbuk2, Kedel and Emeco,  who all use recycled materials in the production of their products. These companies ensure that the stuff they're producing is as environmentally friendly as possible. The materials used in their products will last for many years,  so not only are their products benefiting the environment they’re also benefiting your wallet as you won’t have to change, get rid of, or replace these items for a long time.

If want to find out more about these amazing green companies and their products, or if you just want to find out how you can help the environment then check out the infographic below for some awesome statistics.

recycling infographic - green brands

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