Spring Themed Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms

The heavy snow over the last few days has inspired me to start my spring-cleaning early.

Mike Bowers Mike Bowers

Or, more accurately, it’s inspired me to start browsing for inspiration for the spring redecorating project.

This stylish and quirky cabinet is a one-off piece from up-cycling company Green In Mind.  I’ve always thought of up-cycling as being more on the retro and Shabby Chic side of things, so I’m impressed by how polished and modern this looks.

Recycled Furniture Beautiful Recycled Furniture

I’m tempted to dig out the old pine cabinet that’s gathering dust in my shed and try my hand at a similar up-cycling project.  Instead of the green and yellow colour scheme, though, I’ll opt for a nice timeless pale blue and silver.

I’ve fallen in love with these wall decals from Coocoo Decal on Etsy, too:

Wall Decals Wall Decals

I’m tempted to buy two sets, and use part of the spare set to decorate the upcycled cabinet.  In theory, the decals are easy-peel, so it would be a breeze to change them to match your décor in the summer and winter.  Personally, I love this spring theme and would be tempted to keep it for most of the year, maybe changing it out for a cool silver forest scene with deer in the winter.

If you’re anything like me, you’re all in favour of quick and easy ways to change the mood of your living room.  My trusty leather sofa is incredibly comfortable, but it’s chunky and dark, so hardly suitable for a spring-themed room.  These hand-made cushions from SugarBoo designs are just the thing to soften up the look and put a smile on my face when I sit down.

The “Stacked Animals” design is a great match for the wall decals.

Stacked Animals Stacked Animals

My daughter has fallen in love with the Yellow Flower design.  Maybe she’ll stick to using this cushion instead of “borrowing” everyone else’s to make a cushion fort before she sits down!

Yellow Flower Yellow Flower

It’s the little details that make or break interior design ideas for living rooms.  These laser-cut metal bookends, made by Design Atelier Article, and available for purchase on Etsy, are a great match for the spring wall decals and the winter set that I have in mind.  I think they’re far too attractive to be hidden away on a normal bookcase, but they’d be nice for displaying some classic titles on top of the up-cycled cabinet.

Metal Bookends Metal Bookends

Since they’re laser-cut metal, they’re quite heavy, despite being so small and finely cut. I don’t think they’d hold up traditional coffee table books, but they should be able to cope with my collection of Naomi Novik titles, which even in paperback have some lovely cover art.

To round-off the clean and cheerful spring look, all that’s needed are a few floral details, and some light and airy curtains. What do you have on your decorating list of this spring?


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