Choosing Solid Oak Stable Doors

Guide to choosing solid oak stable doors for the home

The British Winter is cold, extremely cold and as such, we like to take full advantage of our 4 Panel Stable solid oak doorgardens when even the mildest of days comes around. As we embrace what little sunshine we do get, there is a growing desire to connect indoor and outdoors spaces using alternatives to standard external doors such as stable doors and bi-fold doors.

An oak stable door offers a lot more freedom than a standard backdoor. Opening just the top half of a stable door will of course allow fresh air into your home and make it possible to enjoy the warm sunshine. At the same time, an oak stable door will keep children and dogs inside, ensuring they are safe, secure and that you can keep a close eye on them.

A UK Oaksd_french_stable_door Doors stable door, despite offering increased usability and functionality, will of course still work as a standard back door would. The upper and lower half of your oak stable door can be locked together allowing the door to be open and closed in one motion if you prefer.

Obviously, if you’re searching for stable doors, you’re likely to know exactly what you’re looking for and why. Stable doors offer character and style in abundance. The only way to add to the elegance of an external stable door is to make it a solid oak one.

UK Oak Doors 100% solid oak stable doors will reduce your energy bills by keeping heat in and cold air out. They will also minimise noise travelling from the outside in.

Our oak external doors also require next to no maintenance. Upon delivery your door should be treated with an external wood treatment. Not only will this protect your oak stable door but it will also enhance its appearance. AfterCottage Stable Door this initial treatment, your doors simply need keeping clean and a quick check over for any chips and scratches every so often, simple as that!

There are alternatives to solid oak but they simply don’t offer the same combination of style and durability. A composite external door will offer similar durability levels but will a white or black door really do your home justice? Whether you live in a barn conversion, cottage or character property, should you really be considering any other material than solid oak?

Why not view our range of stable doors today or give our team a call for more information?


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