Sinks and taps (because they don't have to be boring)

Next time you remodel your bathroom, spare a moment for the humble basin. There's no need to limit yourself to a standard ceramic sink and a simple chrome tap.  Check out these gorgeous bathroom basins that will add personality to your room.

1. The Sophie Bathroom Basin - Copper

The Sophie Bathroom Basin is a small, copper vanity basin which will add instant rustic to any bathroom. This basin is perfect for a small bathroom, or a vanity basin in a bedroom.  The sink would look beautiful sunken into any marble, granite or wooden counter.


2. The Zen Vessel

Another exquisite vanity sink, the Zen Vessel is a dark granite free-standing sink with chiselled sides. This has got to be my favourite of the lot; I’d love to have it in my bathroom although I’m sure it wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end hotel either….


3. Travertine Stone Sink

This rectangular stone sink is made of Niche Travertine. The sink is large and deep, and is designed to stand above the counter. The sink can take a large volume of water, and has steep sides to prevent spillages and water splashing over the sides. This Travertine sink has a timeless finish, and although I think it’s a great piece, I do think the one above makes more of a statement.


4. LED Faucets

I’m a big fan of modern and contemporary interiors, and I love this Chrome LED Waterfall spout. The "Roman Tub Spout" design is made of chrome, and features built-in colour changing LEDs which glow in different colours according to the temperature of the water; green when the water is cool, blue when it is between 30 and 39 degrees Celsius, and red when the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees.

 led faucets

5. European Style Roman Waterfall Faucets

I love this faucet too; it’s similar in a way to the one above but is possibly even more eye-catching. Instead of the water coming downwards out of the faucet, it flows off the faucet like a waterfall. Very tempting.

European Style Roman Waterfall FaucetsWhich sink and/or tap do you like best?

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