Recycling Your Old Doors – Part 3 - Even More Potential Projects!

Reclaimed Doors?

Having already gone through some interesting ideas for recycling wood doors, two further uses for them becoming more and more popular are for headboards and garden art.


This recycling project can use almost any door. If the donor door is more like a Mexicano oak door with no letterbox then it can be turned on its side, cut to size and then finished in whatever you like. Just make sure you use the door handle edge as the bottom side so it's hidden below the mattress.

Alternatively, if you have a panelled door then you can turn this in to a lovely padded headboard. Measure the width of the bed frame then cut the door to size. Attach a wood veneer across the entire surface of one side using nails. The wood veneer is only needed on one side as the other side will be facing the wall and therefore hidden from view. The door is really just being used as a solid structure to attach the fabric to complete illusion of a very expensive tailored and padded headboard.

Next, lay the door flat on the ground and cover the entire wood veneer headboard with an off cut of new carpet by glueing the carpet to surface. This is best sourced from a carpet store which will most likely give it away for nothing or next to nothing as the area required is only about 3m sq. The style is not important either as this will be covered by you final choice of material, the carpet just adds the padding for the padded headboard.

Finally use black ironmongers tacks around the edges and at even intervals to attach the outer material to the headboard over the top of the carpet. The carpet beneath will give a cushioned look in between the lines of tacks. You could match the outer material to other accessories in the room such as curtains for a really tailored look. Furthermore, it is simple to remove the outer material and tacks to replace with a new style if you decide to redecorate the room with new colours.

Garden Art

Some kids love the outdoors but some prefer home comforts (or xbox). One way to increase their involvement in garden activities is to make them feel like it's a more fun place to be and not just for adults. A common sight in municipal gardens in inner cities are legal murals painted for children but not by children. When it comes to private gardens no homeowner would allow the kids paint on the walls just to involve them in the garden because it's such a pain to remove and would possibly look awful. Hence, old reclaimed doors are being used as garden art because the pictures are easily changeable or removed entirely and yet can be made not to look out of place (unlike random sheets of painted plywood or the like).

The best types of door to be reused for garden art for kids are multi panel solid wood doors because the panels act as natural picture canvases with the stiles and muntins the frames. Once the whole door has been sanded down and treated with a varnish the panels can be painted on. Once the “design” is dry use the varnish over the top to preserve the pictures. To change the pictures sand down the panelled areas and repeat. Maybe change the pictures depending on the season if you fancy it.

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