Osmo Polyx Oils - It's Not How You Start It's How You Finish That Counts

What is it that you really appreciate in the virtues of good wood? What is it that you value or cherish in owning expensive solid oak doors as opposed to choosing cheaper alternatives? Maybe you wanted a certain style of door to accompany the style of your home. Yet, why solid oak? The truth is there are door suppliers that  try to mimic the classic styles of oak doors in cheaper woods with correlating results. No, the real reason why real oak is chosen by the discerning home owner is because of the natural qualities the wood has over other alternatives.

These natural qualities are both cosmetic and structural, in fact it is the structural qualities that are the basis for its cosmetic appeal and to expose these qualities whilst protecting them from bumps and bangs you need a superior finish. There is no point spending wisely on the best doors only to neglect them with a finish that doesn't display the full beauty of the wood or fails to protect the wood sufficiently.

osmo polyx oilsSo, here at UK Oak Doors we recommend either Treatex or Osmo Polyx Oils to bring out a long lasting golden finish in the oak. The market leading Osmo Oils have garnered their reputation by balancing environmentally sound resources and simple application with a high end beautiful yet durable finish.

To good to be true? Well, firstly the oils are based on Soya, Linseed and Thistle Oils which are more environmentally friendly than other wood finishes, not just regarding raw materials but also when the products are disposed of after use.

Osmo Polyx Oils also do without 'Green solvent' materials which aren't as good as they sound because they are known to cause allergies. Furthermore due to their unusually high content of oils and pigments Polyx Oils also give a stunning natural finish after just one or two coats and usually cover twice as much surface area as a same size tin of other conventional finishes in the market.

Not only do Osmo Polyx Oils not require a primer coat but because of the special selection of natural oils you don't need to sand the surface down between coats either. Yet despite the use of natural oils and ease of application there has been no trade off in the quality of the finish. Osmo Polyx Oils have been developed so they are absorbed into the wood like an oil but harden to provide protection like a wax. This means the beauty of your interior doors will look as good as you had hoped they would, but for longer. It's a fact that these oils are even recommended for use on wooden floors too so their durability credentials are not in doubt either.

“Integrity reveals beauty”.

This quote by American businessman Thomas Leonard succinctly summarises why solid oak is so popular, especially for a natural looking finish. By using market leading natural finish oils such as Osmo Polyx Oils the owner can show off the integrity of the solid oak with its deep honeygold colours of swirling grain and so revealing its beauty.

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