Nice work guys

Great to see the team working together.

Being a quick growing online retailer brings many challenges, we have had exceptional, sustained growth over the last 18 months and we have had to cope with a quickly changing retail landscape. New staff have been bought in and new systems have been created from scratch and often many times over until it seems that we have the perfect method of dealing with new challenges.

We have been away for the last 5 weeks and left the business in the hands of our staff, some old and some new, one even starting while we have been away. To say that I have been impressed would be an understatement as the comments from customers and the visual moral in the building is great to see. The team is hugely positive with good results to boot. Older members of staff are helping the newer ones and the newer ones are challenging some of the ways we do things and even pushing out newer and improved systems simply with a fresh pair of eyes.

So to all of our team thanks for your extra effort in January, it is impressive to see what a great atmosphere has grown and the smiles that are beaming.

If this is the start of 2012 then the following months should be really something for everyone to look forward to.

Thanks again from Nick and Claire

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