New Year, New Home

At this time of year, most people turn their minds towards spring-cleaning, but why not go a step further and give your home a new look?  While you're at it, you could add some new home comforts too.  Here's a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Double glazing:  If you haven't already invested in double glazing, now is a great time to do so.  You'll be amazed at how much quieter, warmer, and more comfortable a home with double glazing feels.
  2. Ceiling fans:  If you have mixed feelings about the summer months because you hate the heat, then a ceiling fan is a must-have addition to your home.  They're less expensive to run than typical air conditioning installations, and they look pretty nifty too.
  3. Oak doors: Are you sick of flimsy looking MDF doors?  Solid oak doors are a great option even for your interior - not just for looks, but for comfort, noise reduction, and energy conservation too.
  4. Thermostatic radiator valves:  If you haven't upgraded your heating in a while, then you might be missing out on one of the greatest inventions in the world of heating. Thermostatic radiator valves are useful for regulating temperatures on a room by room basis - and they can save you a fortune too.
  5. Spruce up your kitchen:  Getting an entire new fitted kitchen is expensive, but you can replace the sink, and the fronts of your cabinets, quite cheaply. This gives you a whole new look, without too much expense.
  6. Bathroom tweaks: Invest in a new bath mat, bathroom set, and a glass shower door (or a stylish shower curtain), to give your bathroom a shiny new feeling without having to re-do the entire room.
  7. Extra-Comfort For the Bedroom:  When was the last time you bought a new mattress?  If you aren't sleeping well, perhaps it's time to check your mattress, and update it if necessary.  Buying a new mattress might seem like an unnecessary expense, but they last many years if cared for properly, and there are few purchases that will have as big an impact on your health and wellbeing.
  8. Curtains and Blinds:  Consider investing in blackout curtains or blinds for the bedroom, and something a little brighter and more cheerful for other rooms.  Curtains are often overlooked when people re-model, which is a shame because they have a big impact on the overall feel of the room.
  9. Sitting pretty:  Is the chair in your study comfortable?  Is the sofa in the living room big enough for the whole family?  You can never have too much comfy seating!

The above are just a few suggestions.  No doubt you will have your own preferences when it comes to what to upgrade or change when you re-decorate.  Whatever you decide, try to put your comfort first.  It's better to sleep well and sit comfortably than to buy a designer sofa that looks great, but feels like it was designed purely to be looked at!

Thanks to digitalart for the image.

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