Internal Oak Doors

The choice of internal oak doors is endless, there are so many designs available. Styles of internal oak doors vary from the traditional ledge and brace doors to the modern, contemporary styles of oak door we see today.

We also see the traditional Victorian four panel oak door and the six panel Edwardian Oak door that look perfect in your traditional home. Solid Oak Doors bring a rich beauty and timeless stylishness to your home. Internal Oak Doors have a beautiful natural grain, that gives a classic elegance to your rooms or a clean cut stylish contemporary feel. There are many reasons for choosing solid oak internal doors.

Choosing Internal Oak Doors

Oak interior doors and interior French doors add a touch of class and elegance to the interior of your home. There are many designs available for solid Oak doors. Solid Oak internal doors not only provide a finishing touch to your home but also provide warmth and better insulation than cheaper doors we see on the market. Solid Oak doors are in themselves, a work of art. Oak has long been a choice of wood for many a true craftsman.

Ledge and Brace Door Ledge and Brace Door

We find that the Ledge doors or oak ledge and brace doors (namely solid oak barn doors and solid oak cottage doors) are ideal for replacing the doors in your old cottages or for making a brand new barn conversion remain in keeping with its original era. The Victorian four panel oak doors are perfect for the many Victorian farmhouses and terraced houses we find here in the UK, add a new set of internal oak doors and your home will be transformed.

Most types of doors are usually made using timbers. One of the most popular choices these days is doors made using oak woods. Because oak is one of the strongest woods available for making doors. It has a natural beauty, in particular European Oak, which is our choice of Oak and the one we use for all our solid oak doors. In Solid Oak doors you will find; knots, medullary rays, pippy oak, cracks and shakes. All these small “imperfections” make solid oak doors a beautiful and classic choice for your home.

Solid Oak doors also have a longer life than other woods, solid oak internal doors are denser, more durable and they can be stained to almost all colours and shades. Besides these solid oak internal doors also have insect and fungi resisting abilities. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer to use oak as a choice for exterior doors and front doors. Exterior and interior doors made using solid oak bring a property to life.

antique oak door Antique Oak Door

If you would like to add colour to the solid oak internal doors e.g. as in our Antique Solid Oak internal door you can stain from light colours to the dark colours. Solid Oak doors have more open grain than other hardwood doors so because of this they absorb more stain and give a much more detailed finished product from your solid oak internal door, not only that it also lasts for a long period of time and unlike paint doesn’t need redoing every year! Any type of varnish or lacquer can be used on solid oak doors but we always recommend finishing with a product to protect the solid oak from moisture and marks.

If you use solid Oak doors in your home, it can make them more stylish and elegant in looks. Solid Oak internal doors can be a little bit more costly than other cheaper doors, but they last longer and don’t date. Due to advanced manufacturing techniques the cost has decreased recently, you can also buy engineered oak doors but arguably they lack true feeling and character. Today’s oak doors are mostly engineered and these are cheaper in cost than genuine solid oak doors, but lack the true texture and feel of wood, and can down value a new development. This means that if you are looking for a unique feel to your property then solid oak internal doors are the ones for you.




UK Oak Doors
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