How To Hang An Internal Oak Door - Using Butt Hinges

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Hanging a solid oak door is relatively simple. But hanging it wrong could cause the door to have gaps between the oak door and frame or the oak door to stick to the flooror frame which would cause issues with opening and closing properly. If it isn’t lined up properly the door will not latch or lock properly.

Bits you will need

  • Door
  • Hand planer and chisel
  • Sand Paper
  • Tape Measure
  • Hinges x 3 sets
  • Screws for the hinges
  • Drill and drill bits to suit screws
  • Pencil
  • Wedges

Hanging the Door

1 - Measuring the door opening. The door needs to be 1/4 of an inch smaller than this opening. TIP - If you are just replacing an old door then skip this step and simply measure the old door that you are replacing.

2 - Trim the new door to the appropriate size using the hand planer. This will shave a layer off the door. Repeat this step until the oak door is the required appropriate size. TIP always remember to measure twice, cut once!

3 - Sand the edges of the door until the wood is smooth to the touch and there are no splinters when you run your hand along the edges.

4 - Place the oak door against the opening to ensure that it fits properly, and if it doesn’t repeat step 2.

5 - Position yourhinges on the doors edge. The direction of the hinges depends on the way you want the door to open, either into a room or out. Typically the door would open into a room, but it's personal preference and dependant on space in the room. TIP - the hinges should be on the opposite side of the frame to the light switch on your wall. For example if the light switch is on the right hand side of the frame then the hinge needs to be on the left hand side of the door.

6 -  Draw round the hinge in place on the oak door with your pencil. The hinges ideally will be placed 6 inches from the top and bottom of the door, and one in the centre, if the door is especially heavy - as solid oak internal doors are. Measure and mark that line. The bottom of the hinge that will be going on the bottom of the door will need to be lined up with the line at the bottom of the door. The top of the hinge that will be going on the top of the door will need to be lined up with the line at the top of the door. Both hinges need to face the same direction, and on the same side.

7 - Using a chisel, chip away the wood inside where you marked the hinges. The hinge will need to sit flush with the door, so it does not obstruct the door when opening or closing. Sand the area after to remove splinters.

8 - Place the hinge back on the door. This time the hinge should sit inside where you cut. It should be flush against the end of the door. If it’s not, re-chisel and sand again until smooth.

9 - Drill the screws into the holes to attach the hinge to the door.

10 - Open the hinges up and set the door into the door frame. TIP put a magazine, book, screwdrivers or folded newspaper under the door to lift it up so that once it is fixed it will be able to swing open and closed.

11 - Mark a line on the top and bottom of each hinge in the frame to mark where the hinge will need to be placed on the door frame.

12 - Remove one of the hinges off the door to trace the size onto the door frame. TIP use one of the spare sets so you don’t need to remove any already fixed hinges.

13 - Cut away the wood inside where you marked the hinge, do not cut too deep as the hinge will need to sit flush with the door frame.

14 - Re-attach the butt hinge to the oak door if you removed it in step 12.

15 - Place the hinge into the area that you cut away in the oak door. Drill the screws into the holes.

16 - Finally open and close the door to ensure that the door is hung properly and swings freely without scraping on the floor or carpet.

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