Five of My Favourite Canvas Art Prints

Mike Bowers Mike Bowers

This month I've been looking at sprucing up our new offices with some fine art canvas prints. When I'm designing an interior, I'm always thinking of ways to introduce some colour as well as personality into the space.

A well chosen print can lift a room without costing the earth, adding interest, texture and identity. You can let your imagination go wild, have a look below and see what I found.

Union Jack by Dieter Braun

Union Jack 1 By Dieter Braun Union Jack 1 By Dieter Braun

Union Jack prints and “traditional” English propaganda posters have been a firm favourite of students for several years.  This print is ideal for a recent graduate looking for something a little more mature than a “Keep Calm And…” slogan, but that is still most definitely British.

The print features the Union Jack, with some major icons such as Big Ben and the London Eye in the background, as well as some London buses and Boris Bikes in the foreground.  It’s simple, bold, and clear in its message.  If you know someone with a strong sense of National Pride, then this is the ideal gift.

See more from Dieter here.

New Day by Shyma Ruffel

New Day by Shyama Ruffell New Day by Shyama Ruffell

While I’m not normally the biggest fan of floral prints, I think this one would look wonderful in the master bedroom.  Shyma Ruffel specialises in floral prints, and this is one of her best works.  The colour palate is tasteful, and the flowers are eye-catching and refreshing.  Where other floral prints often look chintzy, this one is deep and rich.

See more from Shyma here.

Soul Explosion II by Chris Andruskiewicz

Soul Explosion II Chris Andruskiewicz Soul Explosion II Chris Andruskiewicz

This stylized print combines retro-style digital art with abstract shapes and lines, and bold colours.  I’m a huge fan of surrealism, and Andruskiewicz has combined surrealism with pop-art to good effect.  This print is part of the “Nostaligic Seduction” collection, and I love the way that the face of the lady in the print has been surrounded by shapes, colours and birds – almost as though they’re part of her outfit.  This is the sort of image that you could study for hours, and notice new details every time you looked at it.

See more from Chris here.

Magic City by Katinas Creations

Magic City by Katina Cole Magic City by Katina Cole

The Magic City print was created by Katina Cole, a self-taught artist who specialises in bold, bright and modern paintings.  This would fit almost any room, and I think will look particularly nice in a clean, modern room with pine floors and minimalist furnishings.

I love the child-like simplicity of this painting.  The colours are bright and warm, and while at first glance the painting appears quite simple, the more you look at it the more you come to appreciate the detail of the bridge, the windows and the skyline.

Find out more about Katina on her Facebook page.

Dancing by the Chrysler Building

 Dancing by the Chrysler Building by Anonymous Dancing by the Chrysler Building by Anonymous

This beautiful black and white print is a soothing reminder of a simpler time.  The photo shows a charming looking couple dancing in front of the Chrysler building.  It would look great in a period living room.

As a history fan, I love this photograph for several reasons.  Firstly, it’s a quaint and interesting picture that shows a glimpse of the Chrysler building.   Secondly, it’s a high quality, timeless black and white print.  Today, there’s so much emphasis on filters, panoramas and HDR photography that it’s almost impossible to find a print as elegant as this – a beautiful picture of a young couple, very much in love, with an iconic building in the background.

You can find beautiful works of art to enhance your living space at the following on-line retailers: Culture Label, World Gallery, Fine Art America and Zazzle

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