Fire Doors – What You Need to Know About FD30 Fire Doors

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Fire Doors are not part of the “Health and safety gone mad” bureaucracy the Daily Mail and Sun newspapers love to lampoon. Sadly there are around five hundred lives lost every year in the UK as a result of house fires with thousands more injured. Doors and doorways are a critical part of the defence against injury or death resulting from fire in a building. The benefits are two fold; they provide a means of escape and also a barrier to the fire spreading from one room to the next.

Different types of Fire Door – What is An FD 30 Door?

Fire Door being tested Fire Door being tested

Fire doors can be made of different types of construction and materials. They are subjected to the BS 476 Part 22 (or the European equivalent BS EN 1634) test that measures the duration with which the door can resist fire spreading between areas and preventing the spread of fumes, smoke and flames.

Quite simply doors are grouped by the duration they can endure the test so an FD30 is a door that can resist fire for 30 minutes and an FD 60 door is a door that can resist fire for 60 minutes. Doors that have passed the official test and attained the standard will carry the label, FD30 or FD60 to prove they have the necessary qualities to be sold as ‘Fire doors’. Further guidelines state that doors should be at least 44mm thick of which all fire doors at UK Oak Doors adhere to. The FD 30 is the minimum requirement where fire doors are required although some buildings require an FD60 door.

What about using solid oak doors as fire doors?

Victorian 6 Panel FD30 Victorian 6 Panel FD30

There are some very flimsy doors on the market that have no fire protection whatsoever, if anything they are merely fuel. But solid oak doors do offer some protection against fire if properly fitted. The reason solid oak doors cannot be rated to a British safety standard is because by their very nature each one is different and the integrity of the wood grain is inconsistent. Whilst the varying differences in the wood grain is fine for door construction, indeed it is an overwhelmingly attractive feature for most customers, changes in the grain mean whilst one solid oak door may resist fire fire for thirty minutes another may last twenty. It is this inconsistency that fire door testing and British standards seeks to eliminate.

Mexicano FD30 Mexicano FD30

Once again, even though at UK Oak Doors we are firm about the fire resistant credentials of our fire doors we cannot specify the legal requirements each customer's home or building may be subject to. We can only recommend you check with the relevant authorities and ensure your family are safe and you are fully compliant with any insurance stipulations you may be subject to.

Even where there are no legal requirements to fit fire doors there is still a duty of care for the head of the household to take all necessary precautions, after all, it’s not illegal to live in most homes without smoke detectors but we all have them. With all that said however, we are comfortable to point out that should you need to fit fire doors in your home UK Oak Dooors has a wide range of beautiful FD30 doors in several different styles that won't break the bank either. Just take a look at the gorgeous Mexicano FD30 fire door pictured left. We rest our case!

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