Factoring In the Budget with Solid Oak Doors

As a homeowner, one of the first things you’ll want to be aware of when putting together a new home improvement plan such as updating your internal and external doors is the overall cost of the entire job. When you start out it can be easy to see the cost as something to worry about later, but when you need to buy 4-5 solid oak doors for just one area of the house (or a room) then the entire bill that you expected to be paying can shoot up quite dramatically. This is why  budgeting is a super important factor and why here at UK Oak Doors we make every effort to pass across savings to our customers, by offering free delivery on all orders over £500 for example.

Mexicano Solid Oak DOor

The style and the budget available for your project is very important as it will help to define and shape other areas of expenditure within your home improvement plans, so make sure that you take the time needed to understand what you have to do to get the right kind of oak doors at the right price. Here are some things to consider with regards to your budget;

Purchasing incrementally or all at once?

You need to decide if you want to purchase your solid oak doors all at once and complete your project in one go. Naturally, your budget will stretch further if you do it incrementally, but it could take you a matter of months to receive all of the doors ready to be used and you may also not qualify for free delivery if you decide to split your required doors into multiple deliveries.

Ledge With Optional Brace

If you decide to do it all at once, do you have room to store these doors in a place where the oak is protected from atmospheric moisture? Generally there is space to keep them securely wrapped up / away from any dangerous weathering.

Another point you’ll have to consider is if your budget really stretch to absorb such a financial upfront cost? This should be considered early on as we advise not opting for a compromise and missing out on quality solid oak doors which provide a far superior fit, finish and feel to any alternative.

Think Long-Term

Remember that doors are not the be-all and end-all of the project; if you still need to fill all the rooms in the house, then perhaps look to finance options? Finance will involve a third party provider to provide you with the initial upfront investment for you then to pay a recurring monthly fee back to the provider over a period of x years (depending on the contract agreed).

In Bulk

Sometimes, ordering a large number of oak doors at once can get you a nice discount from the seller. Here at UK Oak Doors we regularly have sales which offer discounts off certain styles and quantities of doors, these are always great to look out for.


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