External Oak Door Frames: Strength, Durability & Style

Oak Door Frames

The opportunity to redesign the welcome that your house gives to you and your guests doesn't stop with the choice of door. It's worth thinking about the frame the door sits in, poetically parallelled by this French proverb;

“a picture without the right frame is like a landscape without the sky”

After all, it's worth spending over £500 on something like a nice Cottage external door to garnish the look of the house so it's just as worthwhile spending a bit extra to frame it correctly. Solid oak door frames from UK Oak Doors are manufactured with laminates of solid European oak and are fully reversible. They are pre-machined to fit the Aquamac 21 standard weather seal too (although the seal is not currently included) but what should you look for in a good door frame?

external oak door frames Oak External Door Frame

The main attributes of a winning door frame are strength, durability and style. First and foremost a door frame needs to be strong and our solid European oak door frames are amongst the toughest on the market. This is certainly a requirement if it is supporting something like a heavy duty solid oak external traditional door. Even if an older frame is free from rot or woodworm the joints may well have loosened over time or the frame can work loose within the brickwork. It's much better to buy a new frame when buying a new door rather than having the upheaval of having it replaced at a later date, usually in winter too.

External oak door frames from UK Oak Doors cost around £130 which is the same as the cost of labour you will have to spend if you need to replace the old door frame at a later stage. Fitting a new door frame at the same time as the door will save most of this extra labour cost. A strong frame provides a higher level of security too, after all, the most expensive five lever lock you can buy is only as effective as the door and frame it is attached to.

The second thing to look for in a good door frame is durability. A frame lacking this quality will be more likely to jam or develop gaps allowing a draught or water through not just as a result of wear and tear but also the weather. No wooden frame is entirely immune to changing weather conditions but fitting a new oak external frame from UK Oak Doors along with your new solid oak front door will mean the expansion and contraction effects from changing weather conditions will be synchronised compared to fitting a new door in an old frame.

Then of course there is the look of the frame. A frame supplied by the same manufacturer as the door allows you to match the treatment and natural wood colours perfectly. Even if you sand down an old frame and apply the same treatment such as Impranol Elan and Colour Base coats to the new door you won't get the perfect match you are looking for which would be a shame.

One final note is regarding correctly measuring the frame before ordering. Based on the total outside dimension, if you are selecting a frame to fit an existing hole in the wall, make sure as a minimum you allow door height +85mm and door width +70mm. ( i.e. if you have a door size of 1981mm x 838mm high, then the hole will need to be bigger than 2066 high, 908mm wide). Using these figures still won't allow room for fitting so it's best to check with your builder first.

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