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An Introduction to Oak Door Treatments

Oak Door Treatments - Why, When & How…

If you want to keep your solid oak doors in stunning condition, oak door treatments are essential. From the moment your door is delivered, you need to know why, when and how to apply treatment to your doors. This essential guide provides everything you need to know.

Why is oak door treatment important? Ledge and Brace Solid Oak Door

Solid oak doors are incredibly tough and resilient, but that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from the need for maintenance. Specialist oak door treatments have several important jobs to do, and a little effort will go a very long way. Whether your doors are internal or external, the right treatment will:

  • Preserve and enhance the appearance of your doors
  • Prevent warping - which can occur in damp weather or if scratches are left untreated
  • Stop colour fade from exposure to UV light, rain and wind
  • Increase the lifespan of your solid oak doors

When should you treat your oak doors?

If you buy your doors ‘untreated’, you’ll need to give them some TLC with a high-quality product when they first arrive. Pre-finished doors will be good-to-go, so you can hang them in the door frame straight away.

The length of time between treatments depends on the type of product you use, and the way you apply it. If you follow best practice guidelines and use top-rated treatments, you can expect up to two years of wear from each application. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer or retailer.

Types of treatment Treatex Hardwax Oil

Your first decision is choosing your treatment. This depends on a number of factors, not least your personal tastes. Do you want a natural finish? Do you like the varnished look? Would you prefer a darker or painted appearance?

The second influencing factor will be the type of door you have. External doors will need a little extra care, with both a wood preservative and a protection oil. Internal doors are subjected to their own wear and tear, especially if you have children or pets.Osmo UV Protection Oil

Hardwood oil is a great option for internal oak doors. The Treatex range is one of our favourites - it has a high wax content in comparison to other treatments, which means it’s more effective and long-lasting. Free samples are available from our web store. You can also browse our external treatment range online.


How to apply oak door treatment

Before applying routine treatment to your solid oak doors, lightly sand the surface with sandpaper of no finer than 150 grit. This allows the oil or wax to penetrate the wood, which will lead to a longer-lasting finish. Please note that our unfinished doors arrive pre-sanded, so there’s no need to prepare them before the initial treatment. Alternatively, you can select the pre-finished option on checkout - so we’ll do the hard work for you.

Still got questions? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk you through your oak door treatment options.

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