Many people see being an interior designer as a busman's holiday. To some it's not even a real job, up there with 'party planner' and 'personal shopper' because to most people the process of choosing the tone, feel and flavour of their home environment is a pleasure not an ordeal (excluding any 'ding dongs' at Ikea that is). Buying doors should be one of the lasting delights from interior renovation as the surrounding soft furnishings and wallpaper etc will change far more often than the hard furnishings. Overlooked but an integral part to the look of a room is the skirting board.

It's overlooked because it's not a part of the hard furnishings like sofa's, doors or TV's that get touched, worked and seen close up on a regular basis. They're merely the border between the wallpaper that took you weeks to choose and the flooring that cost you a fortune. But the impact of skirting boards is subtle. Get it right and it'll blend in and agree with the rest of the room, get it wrong and there'll be a Bullnosed elephant in the room.

Different Types of  Oak Skirting Boards.

It may seen like a small detail but there are good reasons why skirting boards are designed with different styles. Take the Bullnose style shown below.

bullnose skirting board - oak Bullnose Skirting

The Bullnose oak skirting board is seen as a more contemporary style with a gently rounded top. Made of top quality oak it's a tough skirting board with a simple shape that suits almost any home.








Chamfer Skirting - oak Chamfer Skirting

The Chamfer oak skirting board is another simple design that looks fresh in any home. One advantage of the simply shaped skirting boards is that they are easy to clean and due to a lack of 'nooks and crannies' they won't harbour dust kicked up by passing feet.








Ogee Skirting Board Ogee Skirting

The Ogee profile skirting board is a more classic style with delicately cut grooves to match the period style of the doors. Sometimes it is possible to reclaim period style skirting boards but whereas a few bumps and knocks can add character to some pieces of furniture, this does not apply to skirting boards. This is particularly true if there is any warping as older skirting boards will not hug the wall and gaps that need to be filled in are unsightly.








Taurus Profile skirting board

The Taurus skirting board is another classic style with a small half moon shape carved in to the top. This is named after the classic style of ceiling moulding also called Taurus and so allows the interior designer to match up the top and bottom of the walls. Small points like this show guests the owner has a fine eye for decoration and detail.



Things to Consider

When buying oak skirting boards there is more to consider than just the most applicable style for your home. If you have a budget for doors but decide not to allow anything for new skirting boards, choosing instead to spend the money elsewhere, please remember that purchasing skirting boards at a later date will mean they will not age in the same way as the oak doors. One of the rich rewards of buying your skirting boards from the same supplier of the doors means that they can be purchased in the same grade of wood.

All skirting boards from UK Oak Doors are made from the same top quality PEFC Certified Oak from sustainable forests. This has cosmetic and functional benefits. Not only will the skirting boards and doors match but you can be assured that the skirting boards will take years of wear and tear and will be supplied perfectly straight for your wall. All skirting boards at UK Oak Doors are supplied in 3m lengths and are available in three different heights (95mm/ 125mm/ 140mm) and because they are from UK Oak Doors you can have them delivered unfinished allowing you to combine them with a range of waxes and oils to produce your perfect finish.

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