9 Frugal and Fabulous Decorating Ideas

As Christmas approaches many people like to smarten up their homes and even decorate a room or two before they put up Christmas trees and garlands to welcome the festive season. If you would like to give your home a fresh look but don’t have much money to spare, then try some of the nine frugal and fabulous decorating ideas below.

  1. Add Some Christmas Kerb Appeal

If your home has one of the oak doors at the front and it’s looking a bit tired, why not give it a coat of bright red paint. Red doors are cheerful and inviting and give visitors a warm and welcome feel even before they enter into the house – think how great it will look with a green holly wreath hung on it as well.

  1. Have a Christmas Hanging Basket

If you normally take down your hanging baskets during the winter months, why not consider painting one of them a nice, clean white. Once the paint is dry fill the basket with winter plants and then rehang at the front of the house for a welcoming look.

  1. Make a Feature Wall

When your living room is painted and you want to update and brighten the space, think about a feature wall. You can usually get away with one roll of paper for your chimney breast, if you choose a paper that won’t need a great deal of cutting and matching.  Pick a bright stripe or floral paper if you fancy a real change and then follow through that colour with your curtains and cushion covers.

  1. Yes You Can Make Cushion Covers From an Old Summer Dress

When money is really tight but you want to make a few changes unpick an old summer dress that you no longer wear. A good, brightly coloured cotton dress, especially if the material has maintained some of it’s cripness, makes excellent cushion covers – and all they will cost you is the price of the zips a reel of cotton and a little time and patience.

  1. It’s Ragtime

If you are lucky enough to live in a country cottage with a stone flagged floor, or you have a living room with a plain wooden floor, a rag rug will make things even more homely. You can purchase the rug backing quite cheaply from most craft stores along with a strong needle. Use up old curtains, skirts you no longer wear, and last year’s tee shirts. Make sure the material won’t fray then cut into neat pieces and stitch onto the backing, all the pieces of material should be close together and overlapping. Dark colours are best for rag rugs.

  1. Yes They Still Make Fablon

If your kitchen cupboard doors are looking tatty and you can’t afford to replace them, take a tip out of mother’s book and cover them with Fablon for now. You can get a range of effects, including pine wood and granite look. It’s an old fashioned, cheap idea that still works.

  1. Light Work

You’d be surprised at the difference just changing your lampshades can make – even if you can only afford a new one for the living room.

  1. Put it on the Table Mable

If you’ve a beautiful house plant or even a table lamp and nowhere to put it, find an old, scarred side table – you can pick one up second hand for a couple of pounds. Either varnish an old side table or cover it with a cloth that reaches to the floor, as the Victorians did, and you’ve got that extra space.

  1. And Finally:-

When all else fails treat yourself to a couple of poinsetta plants and have one in the hallway and one in the living room for a warm, bright touch.

  • Thank you to Kittisak for the image.
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