Why Buy Solid Oak Doors?

Solid wood doors have been used in old and expensive buildings for centuries, and today, buying a solid door in Oak, Maple, Walnut or Beech - can be seen as a long term investment for you home. If you’re looking to enhance your interior or create a lasting impression, then oak doors could add a sense of value and appeal for your home. They are unique – a living material with its own characteristics - and the wood will age and mature with the property giving the room its own pleasant mood.

When compared to buying a standard off the shelf door, a solid oak door is the right choice for durability, look, uniqueness and investment.  With new innovative styles available – contemporary or traditional – there’s something for everyone. To truly finish the look - UK Oak Doors can supply oak skirting board and architrave for that finishing touch. The contemporary or sometimes known as the mexicano door has a good look for those newer properties - all solid oak doors can be stained, oiled or painted to your requirements - with gloss, satin or matt finishes. By maintaining the doors every few years with more oil or stain, will increase longevity.

Solid Oak V’s Engineered Oak

  • Solid oak doors are robust and real
  • They can be re-sanded and re-finished
  • Real wooden doors offer a sense of luxury and uniqueness
  • Engineered doors are not real wood throughout
  • Engineered doors cannot be re-sanded and refinished
  • Engineered oak doors cost as nearly as much solid oak doors

Why Choose UK Oak Doors?

When choosing a new internal or external door – it’s important to find a company with product knowledge and expertise that will ensure your purchase is dealt with professionally, and in a smooth and friendly manner. We have been sourcing and selling solid oak from managed European oak forests for over six years – offering a nationwide door to door delivery service.  Our team are here to help you choose the right door for you.

When you are decorating or updating elements of your home - it's better to use quality products as this will help, if and when you decide to sell your property. It's no secret - homes that are presented with quality appliances and high value kitchens and bathrooms - sell quicker and for better prices and internal oak doors are just another way to making your home more appealing.

The cost of solid oak is very competitive - with so many firms in the market-place, when compared with standard doors from DIY stores and more exotic timber. By the time you have bought a quality undercoat and gloss paint - then included the cost of buying the standard door - you are not far from the price of an oak door. It makes sense, to invest a little extra for a door more robust in the long run. Another great benefit is the warmth these doors retain within rooms, which is another good reason to invest - and naturally you may see a decrease in your utility bills.

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