The Ultimate 2014 Christmas Decorations Buying Guide

Yes, we’re finding it hard to believe, too. It’s November and Christmas is less than 2 months away; where did 2014 go?! Although the arrival of winter means that we’re going to have to once again suffer the cold and miserable weather, it cannot be denied that this time of year is full of fun due to the holiday celebrations and partying!

If you’re decorating your first home, or you’re looking to change up your usual Christmas décor, the variety of decorations available can make it hard to know where to begin. Maybe you want to start with a tree, maybe you want to go all out. Whatever lengths you’re willing to go to, we’ve put together a helpful guide to get you started! We’ve put together a few options for all budgets as well as a few non-traditional options!

The Tree

The history of the Christmas tree can be traced back to Germany where an evergreen conifer would be decorated with edible items and placed in the house as a celebration of the holiday. Although many of us opt for fake trees nowadays, and the edible decorations have been widely replaced by intricate ornaments and electric lights, the Christmas tree is still one of the most recognised and popular Christmas decorations around.



xmas tree Homebase 6ft Norway Slim Christmas Tree
xmas tree Tesco 6ft Evergreen Fir Christmas Tree - £15.00


xmas tree Next 6ft Snowy Pencil Tree - £55
xmas tree M&S 6ft Slim Highland Green Christmas Tree - £60

More to Spend

Xmas Tree John Lewis 8ft Argyle Green Fir Christmas Tree
xmas tree Noma Lites 6ft Ridgeworth pine christmas tree

The Tree Ornaments

Unless you purchase a pre-decorated tree or an alternative tree, you’re going to need to get some ornaments to jazz it up! Before you go and purchase every bauble that catches your eye, you’re going to need to settle on a theme. For neutrally decorated homes, just about any colour combination will work without clashing with your décor. If your décor and colours are less neutral and more eye-catching, you’re going to have to think about what colours will go with and compliment your existing interior design.

When the ornaments are chosen, don’t be tempted to just stick them all on and hope for the best. Plan out strategically where each one should be placed in order for the end result to be beautiful and elegant.



tree decorations Sainsbury's Cinnamon Sticks Decoration - £1
tree decorations Sainsbury's Cut Out Bauble - £1
tree dec Sainsbury's Felt Trees Decoration x3 - £1
tree decorations Next Set Of 20 Plum Baubles - £6
tree decorations Next Set Of 6 Fantasy Decoupage Baubles - £8
tree decorations Next 50 Pack Fantasy - £10


tree decorations Linea Rattan Tree Topper - £14
baubles Linea Pack Of 4 Ombre Baubles - £15
baubles Linea Pack Of 4 Decoupage Character Baubles - £16
Georg Jensen December Tales Hare & Eskimo Decorations - £12
Alessi Babbarenna Christmas Bauble - £14.50
Wedgwood Blue Star and Snowflake Decoration - £25 Wedgwood Blue Star and Snowflake Decoration - £25

More to Spend

Handmade Copper Foiled Glass Polar Bear - £52
Eternal Silver And Gold Star Decoration - £75
We Three Kings Decorations - £89
MacKenzie Childs Jester Fancies Bauble (Set Of 3) - £48
Harrods Swarovski Elements Hand Decorated Glass Baubles (4 Pack) £99.95
Jay Strongwater Bejewelled Heart Decoration - £169

The Stand-alone Ornaments

A beautifully decorated tree along with a few stand-alone ornaments is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and prepare your home for guests without doing too much. Make sure your ornaments match your tree's colours or theme and you’ll be able to create a display that could easily compete with that of any department store.



Bouncing Christmas Santa ornament - £5.60
Small silver raffia reindeer Christmas decoration - £6.65
Grey faux-fur Christmas stocking - £11.20
Tesco Metal Stag - £3.50
Tesco Noel Room Decoration - £4.20
Natural Pine Cone Christmas Garland Decoration - £12.99


John Lewis Wooden Deer Head - £30
Alessi Presepe Group Nativity Figures - £59
John Lewis Pre-Lit Rattan Reindeer Light - £65

More to Spend

Kim Seybert Crystal Spectrum Stocking - £109
Sia Berry Wreath - £129
Eliot Raffit Glitter Grande Winter Sleigh - £199

The Dining Accessories

When you’re having guests over for Christmas dinner (and even if you’re not) it’s nice to make the dining experience a memorable one and accessorise appropriately to make sure everyone gets into the Christmas Spirit! When it comes to dining accessories, the same rules apply. The themes and colours from your general Christmas décor should be carried through. Don’t be tempted to overclutter the dining table with tinsel and lots of little, fussy ornaments. Instead, present your dinnerware along with a beautiful centre piece, a couple of large ornaments, or candles. And of course, the Christmas crackers! Keep place settings easily distinguishable amongst all that’s going on with Christmassy place-mats that match your colour theme.



Square Glitter Charger Plate - £3
2 Pack Eat Drink & Be Merry Placemats - £6
4 Pack Reindeer Napkin Rings - £8
Bella Lux Brown Deer Embroidered Tablecloth - £12.99
Cherish the Season Silver Deer Candle Holder - £12.99
Tom Smith 6 Traditional Tartan Deluxe Crackers - £14.99


John Lewis Bells Napkin Rings - £15
Le Creuset Christmas Pudding Dish - £25
Sagaform Mulled Wine Ceramic Pot Warmer and Holder - £35
Meri Meri Santa and reindeer place cards - £14.95
Kenneth Turned Stag bottle coaster - £45
Just Slate Copper and wood server set - £75

More to Spend

Gold-tone Peacock Feather Christmas Crackers - £39.95
Ferm Living 4 Piece Haxagonal Brass Napkin Ring Set - £55
Tom Dixon Small Form Brass Bowl Set - £65
100 Christmas Fortune Cookies - £85
Pair Of London In The Snow Crystal Tumblers - £69
9 Luxury Christmas Pudding Charms - £114

The Outdoor Decorations

Although the houses that go all out with their outdoor decorations certainly can look great, we think a few simple additions are enough to celebrate and spread the Christmas cheer without going too crazy! If you’ve gone with a colour theme and have displayed this in your window, follow this through to the outdoor decorations. Even if you have no décor visible from the outside, continuing on with the same theme makes the experience that much more magical for your guests! For an elegant presentation, hang some icicle lights on your house and place a couple of small outdoor ornaments/figures next to your door. Always remember if you are going to be displaying lights outside that they should be approved for outdoor use.



Contemporary Reindeer Silhouette Christmas Coir Doormat - £14.99
Tesco 100 LED White Berry Lights - £15
Set Of 3 Silver And Blue Light Up Parcels - £40
80 Multi-Coloured Multi-function Micro Fairy Lights - £9.99
Star Stakes Silhouette - £14.99
Leaping Holographic Reindeer Silhouette - £29.99


Pre Lit Blossom Twig Tree - £59
Outdoor Light Up Polar Bear - £79
Reindeer and Sleigh Silhouette Rope Light - £109
John Lewis Indoor/Outdoor LED Christmas Line Lights - £50
John Lewis Pre-Lit Snowman Light - £95
John Lewis Outdoor LED Standing Reindeer Light - £65

More to Spend

Asian Pine Flocked Wreath - £60.50
280 Warm White Net Lights - £90
Glass Star Light - £159
John Lewis Acrylic 100cm Reindeer - £195
John Lewis Large Outdoor Acrylic Snowman Light - £200
Super Bright Blue Led Chasing Icicle Lights - £250

No matter how simple your Christmas Décor is, if you bring together the right elements and stay within a theme and match colour schemes, you’ll be able to create something breath-taking for your family and your guests. In most cases less is more but if you like to go that extra mile, the same rules apply, or you risk making your house look like a Christmas outlet store.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look at your home décor. Modern styles are usually well suited to whites, blues and purples unless they already have a strong colour running through them in which case this should be incorporated. More traditional homes will be well suited to reds, greens, golds and rich fabrics and patterns such as tartan. In any case, neutrally coloured homes give you a blank canvas to work with so the possibilities will be endless! We’ve picked out a few pinterest boards to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully help you to find inspiration for your Christmas décor this year!


Modern Décor Inspiration


Traditional Décor Inspiration


Alternative Décor Inspiration

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