The UK Woodland Carbon Code

More Than Carbon Sponges...

UK Oak Doors only uses wood from woodland managed by foresters that consider more than just the trees in an area being selected for deforestation and is perfectly in line with the new UK carbon code. The donor trees are taken from areas where the overall environmental impact is considered. Even though UK Oak Doors' solid oak is taken from European forests we were pleased to see the UK government promoting a new woodland carbon code specific to UK forests. Planting one tree at the expense of another is not what responsible foresting or ‘environmentally friendly wood’ is about. Firstly, planting a new sapling will not absorb the same volume of CO2 a fully grown tree will and secondly the deforestation of an area has far more destructive effects on the environment than the calculated carbon deficit resulting from the loss of the trees alone.

“The important thing to remember is that woodlands are not just carbon sponges. They are also vital in supporting a range of threatened wildlife”

Martin Harper, RSPB

Our articles are apolitical to try and give a balanced viewpoint explicitly because the wood we use predates any government in the world but facing facts, deforestation is seen as a dirty word. Which is understandable considering the widely publicised abuse forests have suffered for the sake of commercial profit in third world countries. So many column inches have been spent on the loss of rainforests in South America and alternatives need to be found. However, without wishing to justify it, the poor communities living within these areas are only looking to use the resources available to them in the same way Britain abused and polluted its countryside during the industrial revolution. Even if these deforested areas are commandeered by multi national companies the land use brings desperately needed employment and wealth to these areas. The tragedy is of course that some communities that already live off the land are evicted from their homes and forced to modernise and join cities after centuries of natural living. The third world governments also squander the profits without fully rewarding the local communities for their efforts or loss in many cases.

So, it is a privileged position to be in indeed, to enjoy enough affluence for comfortable living whilst enjoying the freedom of expression to condemn communities in parts of the world far less developed than the UK for their desperate over use of the local resources. Hence, UK Oak Doors supports any resistance to reckless deforestation across the globe but recognises that solid oak wood is a necessary resource in construction and therefore only uses wood from sustainable sources in Europe.  Global issues affecting the worlds climate help highlight the efforts that responsible suppliers are making in amending the impact of using potentially threatened resources from unsustainable supplies. However, the government's carbon code still recognises the need for consumer diligence, awareness and a responsibility to shop selectively.

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