Reveal Our Site's Secrets With the Konami Code!

Konami Code


Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

Ring any bells? If you’re a fan of 80’s computer games, then chances are that warm memories of many a well spent afternoon full of battling bad guys just came flooding back to you!


For those who didn’t spend the 80s smashing buttons on a NES controller or emptying their pocket money into arcade machines, don’t worry we’ve not gone mad! The sequence above is known as the ‘Konami code’ and is a not-so-secret cheat often used in video games. If the going got tough you could simply punch in the Konami code to unlock exciting secret game features from power-ups to infinite lives!


It just so happens that the UK Oak Doors site has some secret special features locked away too….

…this infamous code will help you discover them!


Perhaps it’ll whisk you off on an unexpected journey? Could it transport you through space and time? Maybe you’ll find yourself falling down a rabbit hole or even surrounded by scary monsters? Who knows?! You’ll just have to take a chance and try it to find out.


Use your keyboard to type in the code now and see what mysteries await!



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