Our Favourite Wall Décor Projects

Aside from building houses for birds and butterflies, planting trees and of course making our lovely oak doors, we have a bit of a passion for interior design and DIY. We just love keeping an eye on the latest and greatest creations from some of our favourite bloggers and so we wanted to put together some of the best!

We’ve been looking at some amazing DIY wall decorations, most of which you just wouldn’t believe weren’t bought from a swanky home boutique! Take a look at our top picks where you’ll find some comments from their creators as well as links to the tutorials. With just a few materials and a touch of imagination you could soon be hanging an eye-catching new piece of wall décor!

1. Ki’s Vintage Suitcase Shelves

Our first choice is so original and unique (and looks so incredible!) that it actually looks like it could be an installation in a trendy boutique or super cool café. It comes from the creative mind of Ki from KiNassauer.com. Ki loves all things vintage and her shelving solution is a great way of both displaying and making use of some fabulous vintage suitcases. This project is simple but the results are remarkably impressive with a cool, vintage look that is sure to be an attention grabber!

Vintage suitcases Ki's suitcases before the project...
Vintage suitcase shelves ...and the finished shelves!















Ki gave us some comments about her project:

Ki NassauerComing up with the suitcase shelf idea was actually a total fluke! I was flipping through a magazine for inspiration (something I do frequently) when I came across a photo with a bunch of suitcases stacked in a shelving unit. The way my eye caught the photo made it look like the suitcases were cut off. I thought it was a fabulous idea until I realized that's not what they had done! I decided to create the shelves and it proved to be a fairly simple project. Many times when I'm creating a new project I come across glitches, but the suitcase shelves were pretty straight forward. They turned out to be one of my all-time favorite projects. They are a unique form of wall art but sturdy and functional at the same time. The project has since been reproduced by manufacturers, but I still think the real deal is much more impressive. :) A little tip, if you want to get 2 shelves out of one suitcase, a shelf can be made from the back part of the suitcase as well.

Take a look at the blog post with a step-by-step guide on how to recreate this project!


2. Josh and Sarah’s Honeycomb Shelves

Sarah is a photographer with a lovely portfolio and blog at her website Arrow & Apple. Her husband Josh is a graphic designer and artist with his site and blog Subtle Takeover. They both work with the team at A Beautiful Mess; contributing their incredible DIY projects. This one really stood out to us with the geometric properties of the honeycomb paired with the orange corner couch giving a retro 60’s vibe that is still ultra-contemporary and on trend.

This project is a little more difficult that the others, but what you’ll end up with is a set of unique and striking shelves that aren’t only functional but look great, too!

honeycomb shelves Josh & Sarah's incredible shelves!

Take a look at the blog post on A Beautiful Mess.


3. Lauren's Boxwood Wreath

The lovely Lauren is a New Yorker now living in Orlando. Her creative drive and love of writing has led to her wonderful blog, The Thinking Closet. Lauren’s blog is full of wonderful home projects and for this round up we just loved her pallet mounted, boxwood wreath! The design is simple and elegant and really something that could be described as an all season feature!

palette mounted wreath The beautiful wreath completes Lauren's spring mantel!

Here’s a few words from Lauren about her project:

Lauren thinking closetOne of my favorite recent decor projects has been our spring mantel, or "fantel" as I affectionately call it (since it's a "fake mantel" on our buffet).  Hey, this Florida girl is determined not to miss out on mantel decor just because we don't have a fireplace!  So, I had to get creative.  {Smile.}  Actually, the entire inspiration for the mantel was based on a boxwood wreath.  And to help that wreath really stand out on our living room wall, I decided to mount it on a pallet sign my husband and I DIY'd.  Well, actually, the hubby really did all the grunt work of harvesting the pallets, sanding them smooth, and securing them together.  But I am proud to say I had the idea to arrange the boards atop each other irregularly.  And seeing the finished look, I'm so glad we took that risk!  I think it really adds to the eclectic, rustic vibe we've got goin' on.  I'm also thrilled that we'll be able to use the pallet and wreath year-round; we can just switch out the ribbon and mantel decor as the seasons change.  The pallet sign is a great backdrop for whatever decor whim I happen to fancy!  Thanks so much for the feature, UKOakDoors.  And y'all are welcome to stop by the blog anytime!  The closet door is always open....

Check out this blog post to see how Lauren’s husband made the pallet mount!


4. Dina's String Art

Dina is a wife & mother who just loves to create, design and upcycle. On her blog you can find tutorials on everything from furniture makeovers to everyday craft projects. If you’re looking for something new to fill up your spare time or simply want to get creative, check out her blog Honey & Fitz where you’ll find plenty to keep you busy!

There are a lot of string art examples across the web but we chose Dina’s as it’s a super easy to follow tutorial and we just love the way she’s has included all the colours of the rainbow to create this piece! Incredibly simple to do and the possibilities are endless and honestly, no one will believe you created it yourself!

Rainbow string art The rainbow-coloured result!

Take a look at the tutorial here.


5. Lana's Frame Art

Sweet creative lifestyle blogger Lana is a theatre design student in the Netherlands. With her quirky and unique style, her blog Lana Red is full of interesting and creative tutorials for fashion, food and of course décor. For this round up we wanted to include her Valentine’s Day frame art for its simplicity and versatility – the possibilities are endless! This is one of those projects that, for many people, most of the materials would probably be items we already have lying around the house!

Valetine's frame art Lana's finished product!

Here’s what Lana had to say about her project:

Lana RedI made this project to try out glass paint for the company Deco Art for their Valentine’s Day tutorial list. I never worked with glass paint before and Googled a lot of glass paint projects for inspiration, but only found the standard wineglass, vase kind of tutorials online. So I was looking for a new way to use the paint, and started thinking of smooth surfaces that would be suitable for glass paint, like mirrors or just anything made out of glass :) This is how I came up with the picture frame idea.

I live with my boyfriend and when I told him I was going to make this Valentine’s Day picture frame for the living room with gold paint, he didn’t look too happy about it (obviously) so I tried to make the design not too girly and have a personal touch. The personal touch is lyrics from the song by Norah Jones, who we listened to a lot when we started dating.

I do a lot of DIY projects and my house gets filled very quickly by them, so a lot of items have turned into gifts for friends. But this is one of the few non-practical items that I have kept for myself and it still has a place in our living room :)

Take a look at the project blog post here.


6. Melissa's Wooden World Map Art

This blogger writes about all things home so you can be sure to find The Happier Homemaker full of posts on DIY projects, recipes and other useful tips for making home life just that little bit easier. Also erm, homemade Limoncello? Yes please!

After finding a wooden world map online with a price tag of $475, she decided to create her own at a fraction of the cost and the results were astounding! Honestly, I’m sure many people would pay just as much for Melissa’s version if they came across it in a store! Although this project requires a little patience and accuracy to carefully paint on the design, it’s relatively simple and a great reminder that if there is something expensive you want for the home, take a look first to see if there are any DIY options!

wooden world map art The finished piece!

Check out the project here.


7. Sarah's Ombre Quote Wall Art

As the daughter of a print expert and graphic designer, creativity and design are in Sarah’s blood. On her blog Sarah Hearts, you’ll find everything from colour palettes and home accessories to DIY clothing and gifts. We chose Sarah’s wall art for its simplicity and uber cool look which keeps with the ever-growing ombre trend that has inserted itself into everything from our hair and our clothes to our home.

ombre wall art Sarah's cool creation!


Here’s what Sarah told us about her project:

Sarah HeartsI stumbled upon this wood panel in our garage and thought it would make the perfect canvas for some simple wall art. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create adhesive vinyl cutouts of the text and used them as a mask. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you could also use adhesive letters that are commonly found at a hardware store. I found it helpful to use a wet brush as you apply the paint. This helped blend the colors and create the ombre effect.

Pop over to the blog post for more photos and the tutorial.


8. Kristi's Lotus Flower Mirror

Kristi is the owner of the Addicted 2 Decorating blog. This blog is full of interesting projects and stunning makeovers; if you’re in need of inspiration Kristi’s site is a must!

Just like the wooden world map project, Kristi’s lotus flower mirror is again a great example of recreating an expensive item for the home. Inspired by a mirror she had seen with a $1,525 price tag, Kristi set about making her own and the results are quite breath-taking! This project does require some jigsaw skills but it’s relatively simple and looks great!

Lotus mirror The stunning finished mirror.

Visit the blog post here.


9. KariAnne's Pallet Wood Letter

KariAnne blogs about all things home and DIY and you only need a quick glimpse at her latest posts to understand why she has so many fans! One word of advice: Don’t visit Thistlewood Farms unless you’re prepared to get busy in the kitchen because as well as amazing DIY tutorials and creative home ideas, KariAnne has some amazing recipes. No-bake peanut butter bars anyone?

For this round-up we just had to include KariAnne’s pallet wood letter. It’s an easy project with stunning results and a rustic piece of décor that any store or boutique would be proud to boast!

pallet wood letter The lovely letter!


KariAnne gave us a couple of sentences about her project:

Karianne Thistlewood FarmsThe pallet wood letter is such an easy upcycle project and a great idea for a personalized gift.  It was created by my brother with scraps from his other wood projects.

I love one letter by itself....or it's fun to spell out words as well.



Head on over the blog post here.


10. Branch Shelf from the Land of Nod Blog

This one is the easiest project of our round-up but it looks great so we had to include it! Also, provided that you have a drill and a few screws, it would literally cost you nothing! This comes from the Land of Nod blog. A simple tree branch screwed to the wall and you’ve got a great shelf! We love the way that the animals have been arranged in this child’s room to create a cute display and unique piece of wall art but we can imagine this working in a number of different settings!

Branch shelf The cute and eye-catching shelf!

Check out the easy tutorial here.


Have you come across any cool DIY wall décor projects? Let us know!

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