Lights, Camera, Action – Could Your Home Star In a Movie?

OK, so most of us are understandably house proud. We've put a lot of thought, effort and bank holiday barneys into getting our home just how we like it and sometimes getting your mates round for a BBQ isn't enough to show off your new solid oak front door. So what do you do? How about making it the set for a Hollywood blockbuster for the ultimate bragging rights? Well it might be a long shot but homes of all types and sizes are required by location managers for TV and film sets and pride would not be the only reward as it pays well too.

So what sort of homes are required?

Sarah Eastel of has over 2,500 properties on the books from all over the UK and now with the popularity of viral videos for the internet that figure is growing too. She explains, "Within the M25, where most production companies are based, we cover the whole range: from deluxe apartments and mansion houses to normal family homes, run-down flats and even derelict properties."

Obviously film and TV programs cover a huge spectrum of story lines from fantasy to gritty realism and so there’s a need to authentically reflect this as a backdrop for the action. Some families have enjoyed a nice little bonus when a disused barn has been chosen for a new TV program after hearing nothing for years from the location management companies.

What’s it worth?

The price paid to the owners of any film location set varies hugely depending on the property but anything from £500 to £3000 is achievable. Don’t forget there will be a huge amount of disruption that accompanies this as it’s not just the film set area that will be occupied by those working on the film.

There will also need to be changing rooms, make up areas, a canteen and storage facilities. Sometimes these are provided in trailered facilities by the production company but in other circumstances the production crew may request the use of the rest of the house. This is entirely negotiable but it might be the case that the money you earn for renting out your house is immediately spend on a holiday for the family elsewhere, which isn't a bad deal is it? You would also be paid 50% of the fee for the ‘set up’ time it takes the production company to get the place ready for filming and any renovation costs to get it back to how it was before the film crew arrived.


If you google “Location Managers for TV and Film Sets” you will be furnished with a selection of companies that can help. All you need to do is to send off a few digital photos of the property that you think may be of interest and wait for the reply, good luck!

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