Introducing Mike Bowers and The Bower's Blog

Mike BowersHi fellow design fans! I’m Mike, an accidental interior designer who fits none of the stereotypes. I’m on the wrong side of 40, proud dad to three beautiful children, and married to Mrs. Sue Bowers – the love of my life and better half.

I started my career at the tender age of 16 as an apprentice plasterer and eventually found myself building furniture – and you know what I loved most? The finished product – the shapes, the colours, the patterns – I loved it all so much more than the manufacturing.

Eventually I branched out. I retrained and went freelance. After a while I found myself here. My work alongside the design team at UK Oak Doors takes up a lot of my time and I almost feel like a member of the family. They must agree because they’ve let me take control of part of their blog :)

So here we go. I’ll be writing about my favourite designs, trends, and projects and sharing them with all you lovely people.

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