Interior Ideas from Stacey Sheppard: Accessorise with Comforting Copper

Stacey Sheppard


It's been a while since we've featured the words of one of our favourite design bloggers, so we're honoured today to be joined by the brilliant Stacey Sheppard. Stacey is a freelance writer and blogger best known for the brilliant ideas, fabulous products, and beautiful imagery featured on her award-winning blog The Design Sheppard. She loves nothing more than hunting down the season's most inspiring design finds for the home and has a particular penchant for wallcoverings.


copper vessels Copper Vessels from Hend Krichen

Metallics have been trending in interiors for quite some time now, but the more mainstream metals that first come to mind, such as gold, silver and stainless steel have now given way to softer metallic finishes such as copper and brass. Rather than looking ostentatious, these metals can add a sophisticated elegance to interiors no matter what the overall design scheme.

Copper, whilst being a traditional material that has been used in our homes for centuries, is now undergoing a renewed popularity thanks to its timeless grandeur and flexibility of use.

This versatile material has a variety of finishes which can drastically affect the overall feel of the interior. The interesting way in which it ages adds another layer of intrigue to this graceful material which can develop a beautiful grey-green patina.

It can look ultra glamorous when highly polished to a shiny mirror finish and this works especially well in contemporary design schemes. However, it is also the perfect material to use in its raw state if you are looking to create a more traditional or rustic style in your home. It also looks particularly good when used in interiors that are inspired by the recent industrial or so-called “rough luxe” trends.

However you decide to use this material in your interior you can be sure that it will make its presence felt in an eye-catching yet subtle way. The easiest place to start though is by choosing a few key accessories that you can integrate into your home and luckily there is no shortage to choose from right now. The current trend for copper may have started in high-end interiors but is rapidly trickling down onto the high street so this is a look that can be achieved no matter what your budget.

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to introduce copper into your home is by adding small items such as candlesticks, vases, trinkets, picture frames and clocks. This is a cheap and simple way to integrate the trend into your home as these objects can easily be switched out should you wish to change things up again for the new season. However if you want to make more of a commitment to copper then investing in statement pieces such as furniture, lighting or storage may be the way to go.

The warm glow of copper makes it perfect for the coming winter season. Team it with other natural materials such as wood, cork and leather and you have a look that is authentic and cosy and is sure to be admired.

Copper also works well with most colours so is pretty easy to include in your current design scheme.  It’s warmth means that it is set off by pinks, reds, yellows and browns but it also provides a great contrast to cooler and darker colours such as blues, greens, greys and especially black.

Copper is without doubt one of the must-have materials to accessorise with this coming winter season. Simply choose a few key pieces and you’re ready to bring the warmth of copper into your home to ward off any winter chills.

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