Impranol – The Only External Treatment We Recommend

Oxbow door treated with Impranol

We're aware that the most time people spend on considering the look of their front door is spent on choosing the actual style of the door. Should it be a modern looking contemporary door or does the architecture of the house deserve a more classic and traditional entrance? We are also aware that this is probably the fun part too as you are choosing the greeting your house will give you, your family and your guests every time upon arrival.

But the importance of the treatment your new external door receives, front or back, is not to be underestimated. After years of selling doors we have a substantial amount of research and experience and we choose Impranol every time. Impranol are a German company manufacturing high performance protection for external wood. As stockists of Impranol we have two products available, the Elan Top Coat and the Colour Base Coat, available separately or as a value pack. But please note you must use both coats to ensure correct protection for your doors.

Impranol Color Base Coat (Color Plus)

The Base Coat is the partner for the Elan Top Coat and together they give a perfect match for looks and performance. It is a low build wood stain that contains both solvents and biocide ingredients to prevent fungal growth which is a big problem for wood that is open to the elements. It won’t peel or crack and so gives a water repellent film over the surface area which maintains the stability of the timber in all conditions.

With the top coat the two combine to form a layer that is resistant to temperature changes, moisture and direct sunlight. It has a translucent finish which enhances the grain of the wood and is ready for coating 12 hours after applying. It is extremely well priced considering one litre of Impranol Color Base Coat will give up to 18 square meters of coverage.

Impranol Elan Top Coat

This top coat gives a medium sheen finish and works perfectly with the Impranol Base Coat. It has a high build coating that is translucent to show off the lush swirls of oak grain. Not only does it bring out the best in the wood for aesthetics but it also serves as the top coat barrier to the suns harmful rays and keeps out moisture too. It’s easy to apply with a good coverage rate of 16 meters square per litre and is suitable for both doors and windows so offers excellent value for money.

The choice of protection for wood is bewildering but it’s something you need to get right because even the best quality solid oak door will only last a matter of years if not properly taken care of. It would be an expensive experiment to survey the different varieties of wood protection on offer as there are literally thousands to choose from. Luckily we have sold thousands of doors over the years and have been able to conduct our own research all over the country. Based on our vast experience we have chosen to be stockists of Impranol because it’s the manufacturer that gives the best results for longest, whatever the weather throws at it.

Currently the Impranol Value Pack containing both tins is available for just £27.95.

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