How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden: An Interactive Guide

cartoon image of garden Click Above to Explore An Interactive Guide to Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Having a wildlife friendly garden will not only benefit you and your garden but it will also benefit animals and insects, including a number of endangered species.

Sadly, many people in the UK don’t have wildlife friendly gardens. This is contributing to the diminishing numbers of many species of animals and insects including the hedgehog, red squirrel, and many types of bees. The “Britain’s Top 10 Endangered Species” list states the following animals as being Britain’s most at risk of extinction:

  1. Red-necked phalarope
  2. Black-tailed godwit
  3. Scottish wildcat
  4. Capercaillie
  5. Cuckoo
  6. Red squirrel
  7. Turtle dove
  8. Natterjack toad
  9. Brown hare
  10. Hedgehog

Although many animals die on our roads another big problem is people being careless in their gardens. Most of us like to look after our grass and keep our gardens neat and tidy. However mowing and strimming is a big killer of hedgehogs, while the chemicals many of us use to kill weeds are incredibly harmful to many species, particularly bees.

Before mowing your grass have a quick walk around your garden and check for any wildlife. If your grass is long, look especially closely because hedgehogs aren’t easily seen.

Instead of cutting down trees to bring more sunlight into the garden keep it for the wildlife; red squirrels need trees to live in and berry bushes to feed from – cutting down trees destroys their homes.

To ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect our wildlife here’s a few tips for you:

  • Provide easily accessible food and shelter
  • If moving old logs, sticks, or leaves, check that animals haven’t used them for shelter
  • Plant flowers to attract wildlife
  • Make sure litter such as bottle tops, cans, and food packaging are removed from your garden as these harm and even kill many wild animals

For more tips and ideas for creating a wildlife friendly garden, just click here or click the image at the top of the page to be taken to our interactive guide!

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