Getting Your Home Ship-Shape For Christmas

Christmas seems to come around quicker every year.  But, with so much to do and prepare in the run up to the festive date, if you get your home organised in good time, that'll be one less thing you have to worry about.  Here are some tips how.


As soon as the temperature dips and the autumn nights start drawing in, it's a good time to focus on the inside of your home.  If you've been busy concentrating on the outdoors all summer, then start taking a critical look at your indoor space.  If piles of papers or magazines have been left to build up, then have a sort through them.  Put away summer items that you won't require for the next few months.  Have a thorough tidy up, and go through things you no longer need or want.  Having a sort out can get you on your way to becoming ship-shape and clutter-free, and it certainly makes future cleaning a much easier task.

Odd jobs

If you've got a few odd jobs that need doing, then get cracking on them now, before the festive season gets into full swing.  Whether it's getting minor repairs fixed, or replacing worn items, now's the time to do it.  Take a good look around your home, especially well-used areas.  Could skirting boards in the hallway do with a lick of paint?  What about the layers of finger marks around door handles?  Don't forget to ensure energy appliances are checked over before the winter chill gets under way.  The last thing you want is a faulty boiler on Christmas day when you've a house full of guests.


Your hallway is the entrance to your home, and it's what guests first see when they arrive at your house.  So, if you want to create a warm, cosy atmosphere this Christmas, then make sure first impressions aren't scuppered by an unruly hallway.  Have a sort through bulging hat and coat stands, and if you have spare storage space, pack away summer or light jackets.  Shoe mountains need tackling, as well, so place strappy sandals and flip flops out of the way for another year.  Don't leave piles of junk mail or free papers building up on hallway tables.  Clear the space, and maybe add a scented candle, vase of flowers or a family photo.

Guest rooms

If your spare bedroom has turned into a dumping ground for all manner of things you don't know what to do with, then get it in ship-shape condition long before any guests arrive this Christmas. If you leave it to the last minute, you'll probably have a thousand and one other tasks to try and juggle at the same time.  Even if you don't have any planned overnight guests staying, it's still worth trying to keep the spare bedroom as tidy as possible, for any impromptu stopovers.

The countdown list

To avoid trying to tidy the house up whilst simultaneously getting to grips with the Christmas shopping, write down a detailed to-do list with suggested dates that you intend to get them done by.  Being organised is a vital component for any stress-free Christmas.  Don't just put 'tidy up' on the list, but break it down into key areas, such as hoover spare bedroom, wipe skirting boards down, iron tablecloth, wash windows, etc.  The more detailed you can be, the more likely you'll get the tasks done.

The Christmas paraphernalia

Chances are, you won't have glanced at your baubles and tinsel the last twelve months, so don't leave your Christmas paraphernalia checks to the last minute.  You don't want your guests arriving on Christmas Eve whilst you're still trying to sort out the intermittent fairy lights or last year's unnoticed stains on the festive tablecloth. If you like your house to twinkle and sparkle over the festive period, then make sure all your decorations are in good working order, and get in a supply of batteries to keep you going.

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