Antique Oak Doors

antique oak doorsAntique oak doors are a design feature exclusive to only certain types of homes. True, that group has widened greatly in the past two decades but never the less it's a door that only looks right with the right home surrounding it. One of the real advantages of owning a traditional style home is the option it gives the keen interior designer to source traditional furnishings to match it, so the exterior romance of the property is continued with composed and tailored aplomb inside. One such design feature guaranteed to make the neighbours jealous are antique oak doors.

At UK Oak Doors we're all for the re-use and reclamation of old doors to save precious resources but unfortunately good quality reclaimed antique oak doors are a rare thing. As any economist will tell you high demand coupled with scarcity creates a sellers market and prices to match. This means many designers with a fixed budget are having to forego the luxury of antique oak doors and settle for a more modern door.

There are many new and modern doors that will do the job fine but antique oak doors have a build structure that is unique to each door and that's a quality every designer covets to make a house really special. There is a time and place for homogenisation, everybody would agree that build standards for electrical items needs to be uniform and precisely replicated for example but elsewhere in the home people like to feel they have designed rooms to be specific to their taste.

So it is welcome news to many customers at UK Oak Doors that there are highly convincing reproduction antique oak doors available to them. These have two huge advantages over the genuine antique doors, firstly they are half the price and secondly they are made from new wood so likely to last far longer, especially if maintained with Treatex Hardwax Oil. However, this does not come at the expense of antique design. These antique doors use new wood that has been aged to give them an entirely convincing finish, much more so than using other inferior woods and then just adding a dark veneer.

reproduction antique oak doorsThe reproduction antique oak doors from UK Oak Doors are provided aged but unfinished, ready for final finishing at home in a treatment and colour of your choosing. To get the effect shown you'll need to use Treatex dark oak hardwax oil; apply a couple of coats with a gentle sanding in between and then for the final touch apply a layer of clear matt Treatex over the top to make it super smooth and ultra durable.antique oak doors

On the antique effect barn doors the ledges are cut to random widths, exactly as original antique doors were a hundred years ago. This means your doors will look better for longer and are indistinguishable from genuine articles yet still available so the overall width of the door is precisely measured to four available widths (2'/ 2' 3”/ 2' 6”/ 2' 9”).

Since UK Oak Doors introduced the reproduction antique effect oak barn doors they have been extremely popular not least because paying half the price for these doors leaves the interior designer more money to spend elsewhere which can only be a good thing!

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