5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Replacement Doors

Is it time to get replacement doors? Read our guide to find out if your doors are due an upgrade.

Spotting the right moment to buy a new appliance is usually straightforward. Your washing machine will leak and your laptop refuses to start. Each item fails in its job, so it’s obvious when you need a new one. But how can you tell if you need replacement doors? It’s not quite so clear cut, unless look out for these 5 tell-tale signs.

1.    Energy bills

If your energy bills are higher than they were a year or two ago, price hikes may not be the only culprit. The energy efficiency of your home will affect your wallet and doors are a big part of the efficiency puzzle. Doors can shrink with age, and if this is the case they will allow draughts to circulate. This lack of insulation may leave your heating on overtime during the cold winter months.

2.    ScrapingOx-Bow External Oak Door

If your door scrapes along the floor when opened or closed, warping could be to blame. This can happen when wood is left untreated or is simply very old. Scraping is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to look for replacement doors as soon as possible.

3.    Fading

External doors can suffer from fading if they are not properly maintained. This can be remedied by a lick of paint specifically designed for outdoor use - but if you prefer a natural look, you may consider replacement doors. If you do opt to buy solid oak doors, make sure you find out how to treat and maintain it for a long lifespan. You can also buy pre-treated doors, which are ready to be put into action right away.

4.    Creepy crawliesSolid Oak Suffolk Door

If you’ve spotted the odd woodlouse crawling along your floors, it’s time to take note.
External doors that have warped or shrunk will allow insects into your home, so you can expect to see more over time. If there are gaps in your external doors, you may also spot some water pooling or dampness. External doors will be less secure if they have warped, so it’s important to have this checked right away.

5.    Usage has changed

Even perfectly functional doors will need to be changed under special circumstances. If your property is extended or is rented to private tenants, you may need replacement doors to comply with fire regulations. Luckily you don’t need to compromise on style and quality - one glance at our range of fire doors will convince you of that.

What next?

Over the next few weeks, make a note of any tell-tale signs that replacement doors may be on the cards. If you notice anything amiss, it’s time to cast your eye over the options. Perhaps you like the idea of traditional solid oak doors. Or maybe oak veneer is a great fit for your style and budget. Whatever the case, it’s time to start researching!

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