5 Questions to Consider Before You Buy New Doors

Guide to buying new doors for your home.

If you’re buying new doors for your home, it’s time to pause and think about what you really need. Should you opt for stunning solid oak? Or would oak veneer be a worthy alternative at a lesser cost? To help you make the decision, we’ve put together five must-ask questions to reveal all you need to know.

1)    Is price your number one priority?

For many of us, price is our primary Solid Oak Internal Doors - Mexicanoconcern when making a purchase. In fact, it’s often make-or-break. If you have an immovable budget, the cost of a new door will be a big deciding factor. Lower budgets will be more suited to oak veneer, which is kinder to your pocket. If your cash pot is a little larger, it may be worth taking the plunge and investing in solid oak doors for that unbeatable luxurious look.

2)    Would soundproofing make a difference in your home?

Solid oak doors are excellent for soundproofing. If your house is on the louder end of the scale - music blaring, movies streaming, kids shouting - you may benefit from an extra bit of help where noise is concerned. If sound levels aren’t a major concern, oak veneer will likely do the job.

3)    Do you want a natural appearance or more uniform, modern look?

Solid oak is sturdy, long-lasting and has a completely natural wood grain appearance. Oak veneer on the other hand has a more consistent wood grain look. Both of which require treating initially to protect them and enhance their finish. Your choice depends on the overall style you want in your home.

4)    Is energy efficiency important to you?

As far as doors go, a well-constructed oak veneer door will do a good job of keeping your home energy efficient. But solid oak doors really do make a big difference, retaining heat and acting as excellent insulators. That means you’ll save a little extra on your energy bills each year, as well as doing your bit for the environment.

 5) What will complement the current style of your home?

Oak veneer does a great job of looking like the real deal. But if you savour the hefty weight of a solid oak door, it may not fulfil your expectations as you walk from room to room. In many cases, your choice of door will be dictated by the style of your home. Modern homes give scope for either type of door, while traditional, older homes are often more suited to solid oak for a truly authentic look.

 Solid Oak Cottage Doors - Ledge and Brace

Why Choose UK Oak Doors?

At UK Oak Doors, we know that a door is more than just a piece of wood. That’s why it’s important to offer honest, helpful advice at every step of the purchasing process. You need to be confident that you’ve made the right choice!

We offer both solid oak and oak veneer doors - and you can view the full range right here on our website. If you have questions, we’re on hand to offer expert advice and guidance every step of the way. And of course, we offer a money-back guarantee alongside our seven-day customer care policy. So no matter what, you’ll end up with the right doors for you. If you have any questions, get in touch today.

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