14 Incredible Ideas that Will Inspire You to Upcycle Your Old Doors

One door closes, another door opens, right? Why not just open the door you originally closed? Reuse it! Give it a new home, a new purpose in life, and a fresh lick of paint. Repurposing old doors is the best way to make something good out of a bad situation.

However you decide to reuse your old door it’s bound to work out cheaper than buying something new. Not only are you saving money but you’re bringing something old back to life. Old doors have been repurposed so many times we’ve lost count of how many examples we’ve seen. Here is a round-up of our favourite repurposed old doors. Beware, things could get bizarre.

door upcycled into mirror Eye-Catching Mirror

Not only has this door be placed side-ways and stripped of some of its paint; it’s also been used as a mirror! This repurposed door adds a vintage feel to a modern room and it’s now, very much a statement piece.

door upcycled into mini chalk boards Chief Organiser

Need some help organising your work load? Or even planning your week? Turning the insets on this door into mini chalk boards is an excellent idea for sorting out your day-to-day tasks.

ping pong table The Ping-Pong Door

Everyone loves ping pong, right? From one side, this door looks like any other door. From the other side it's a ping pong table! If you fancy a quick game of ping pong simply flip the middle of the door and Taa-Dah! You’re ready to play. Crazy, eh?

door upcycled into potting table Potting Table, Anyone?

To people who aren’t particularly interested in gardening this repurposed door, at first glance, looks like an uncomfortable chair, right? Wrong. This is an old door that’s been turned into a potting table. Keeping the glass frames in the door has really given this potting table some elegance!

door upcycled into porch swing The Porch Swing

This awesome porch swing has been made using pretty much nothing but an old door. You’ll have to make sure the door and metal ropes are strong before sitting on it though, and I wouldn’t sit on it for too long, it might get uncomfortable quite quickly...

doors upcycled into headboards Add Some Vintage to Your Glam

Statement pieces are an ‘in’ thing at the minute and how much more ‘statement’ can you get than this headboard? Not only is the colour contrast between the headboards and the rest of the room great, but the way the old doors have been left exactly how they are is fantastic too. The rustic charm of the old doors really goes with the glam of the chandelier. We love this!

doors upcycled into wallpaper Can We Have Some More, Please, Sir?

When you think of a unique, statement wall you instantly think of wallpaper; but we all know how much wallpaper can end up costing! Why not try old doors? Repurpose doors as your new, statement wallpaper – you won’t be disappointed! Hint: Make sure you use different types of doors and remove gloss to create a rustic feel.

building made from old doors 1 Door, 2 Door, 3 Door, More!

Why reuse one door when you can reuse 1000? Choi Jeong-Hwa created this master piece! ‘A statement piece’ is a bit too mild for this building; the different coloured doors used really make this an eye-catching piece of art. From a distance it almost looks like a Lego building. We say, why not decorate your house with doors?!

doors upcycled into storage space Adding Storage Space

Why not be uber-green and reuse your old doors to create storage space? Not only are you re-using the doors to save money, you’re also creating great storage space to de-clutter your home. If done like the image above, you can also use your new, recycled storage space as a seating area. What more could you possibly want from an unwanted door?

door upcycled into dining table Al Fresco Dining!

Do you know a better way to dine Al Fresco style? We do, when you know it’s been done without a massive price tag! Reusing an old door to create an elegant, outdoor dining area is a must, especially when the wooden insets have been swapped for glass.

doors upcycled into room partitions Colourful Partitions

By collecting 3 different style doors, painting them different colours and attaching them together on hinges, you can create a gorgeous partition. Why aren’t we all doing this? These partitions will add colour to plain white rooms, they’ll give the room an old, vintage feel and instead of using one door to divide a room, you can use 3!

doors upcycled into outdoor seating area Garden Trouble?

For some people, gardens are a place of relaxation and tranquility but if you want to add more character to your garden, other than a few potted flowers, then a seating area might be the answer. Using old doors this gives the area an old, vintage feel and by adding in an old chair, like shown in the image, your garden will be bursting with character.

doors upcycled into fences Sending a Message

This is an awesome way to add colour to your outside area. Reusing doors as a fence will not only add colour but bucket-loads of individuality too, and who doesn’t want to be different? Adding quotes onto the doors adds meaning and brings the whole idea together, almost like a ribbon on a present. Not only will you be proud of this creation, passers-by will also enjoy your work.

door upcycled into living wall Entwined

If you’re a keen gardener and love spending time outside, then instead of buying a few trellises why not reuse an old, but perfectly good, door? By taking out the insets and attaching some mesh you can create a great trellis for your vines!

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