• 5 Reasons to choose Internal Oak Doors

    When it comes to choosing interior doors for your home or business, there are any number of choices available – solid materials, hardwood veneers, or hollow flush laminates; uPVC, oak, or MDF; new, or refurbished; plain, or moulded – the list goes on. And yet, the most popular kind of door, particular in the home, but also creeping into the workplace, is oak.

    So, just why are internal oak doors so popular? Well, to give you all the reasons would be a list almost as long as your selection of doors, but here’s a handful to get you started.


    Whether treated or untreated, oak looks good. In its natural state, it comes in a number of colours, meaning you can choose a shade that matches your house and the rest of the furnishings in any given room. Internal oak doors complement everything from chairs and tables, to desks and bookshelves. The use of any wood, but especially oak, in household furnishings gives a feeling of warmth and nature to a home, making any house appear more welcoming.


    No matter how good your internal oak doors look, it means nothing if they’re not going to stand the test of time. Cheap laminate and veneer doors can often imitate (however poorly) the look of a solid wood door, but they have that price tag for a reason. The strength and durability of a quality oak door more than makes up for the couple of pounds you might save going for a less robust alternative. Internal oak doors are built to last and should be considered an investment as a result.


    As any guitarist will tell you, oak has some impressive acoustic qualities in terms of tone and feel. However, it is acoustic absorption that concerns us here and, yet again, oak is the ideal choice. Solid oak doors act as a sound barrier when they’re closed, providing a noticeable reduction in external noise. This is part of the reason they are becoming so popular in modern offices, but they also offer an advantage to homes located on streets that bear a lot of foot or road traffic.


    As good as internal oak doors are at keeping noise out, they’re even better at keeping the heat in. Oak is unique being both a rather dense material, ideal for keeping in the heat during the winter months, yet also fibrous in its makeup, which allows excess heat to dissipate during the summer. Oak acts as a natural form of insulation, making your home more energy efficient and saving you money in the process.

    Value for money

    And speaking of saving money, internal oak doors offer remarkable value for most homeowners, guaranteeing a sturdy, high-quality interior door that, with care, will last you a lifetime.

    Ready to see how oak doors could make a valuable addition to your home? Check out our range of internal oak doors get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.

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  • What are Interior Designers Saying About Wood in 2016?

    When it comes to interior design, it's often hard to know which trends will work in your home. After all, what looks great in a glossy magazine often isn't quite so practical in a busy home environment. But don't despair - we've hand-picked some of your favourite interior designers trends for 2016 and found some great, practical ways for you to incorporate them into your home.

    Natural Materials

    According to Anna van Dongen, founder of Space Matters Design, combining natural materials like wood, stone and metals (brass and copper especially), can have a big impact in your home. These elements combine to create a warming, welcoming environment. The key to mixing them is simplicity. Be bold - use strong combinations like wood and brass to give a real impact.

    Pastel Colours

    Pastel colours were a big feature in 2015 interior design and they're still going strong! "2016 colours will be Quartz Pink and Serenity light blue", says Alessandra Barlassina, founder of the award-winning interior design blog, Gucki. "I think we'll find lot of furniture and home accessories in these colours with natural wooden accents and metal details".

    Gabriella Palumbo, founder of interior design and fashion website, Flat 15, suggests trying pastel colours with pale woods. "This gives off softer, airier tones", she says. Wooden features accentuate pastel colours perfectly, which in turn can give a much more relaxed feel to a home. Getting the right combination of pastel shade and wood to suit your style needn't be a challenge, and there are plenty of colour and wood options available to you. We recommend trying a soothing mauve with light wood. Update your doors, windowsills, or simply add a beautiful nest of tables.


    Texture is often the missing piece in a room's design scheme and can help to add visual weight to a room. Without texture, rooms can look flat and uninviting. Rough textures make a room feel intimate while smooth textures add a sleek vibe.

    Contrast is always an important element of design. Given the popularity of smooth pastel colours, you will need to add rough texture elsewhere:

    • Architectural elements - Beams, rails, even skirting. Try to highlight any interesting features in your home. Doors and windowsills are often overlooked, but with the right design scheme, they can really enhance a room's appeal.
    • Floors and walls - A textured wall design can dramatically enhance a room's design. A well placed rug is also an easy way to add texture.
    • Furniture - Marble tops, a solid oak table, leather chairs - furniture is a great way to add different textures.
    • Décor items and textiles - Add scatter cushions, blankets and flowers. Small touches like this can make a big difference.

    Modern and Traditional Styles

    Whether it's big or small changes you're making, you should really consider what oak features can do for your interior design scheme. At UK Oak Doors, our doors and accessories come in a range of modern and traditional styles and we only use the finest Grade-A European Oak. For more information, call our team today on 01455 565 565 or complete a contact form and we'll be in touch soon.

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  • UK Oak Doors - Solid Oak Door Oiling Service

    Solid Oak Door Oiling Service

    All of our solid oak door are supplied pre-sanded and unfinished. This offers you the opportunity to choose your desired finish and treat your new doors accordingly with a suitable wood treatment. But what if you’re not exactly a DIY whizz and simply want to sit back, relax and admire the elegance and beauty of your new oak doors?

    Our in-house oiling service makes it possible for you to save time, effort and a whole lot of mess by letting us do the hard work for you. Our trained oiling specialists use tried and tested methods along with industry leading oils and specific oiling equipment to create a finished product which will leave you breathless and your visitors envious.

    Why Do Doors Need Oiling?

    Oak is a natural material which moves in a completely natural way when it absorbs moisture. This of course isn’t suitable for doors which need to maintain their structural integrity and shape to ensure they retain their straight fit within the frame. The way to ensure this happens is to seal the wood so that it can no longer absorb moisture.

    Applying a wood treatment such as Treatex Hardwax Oil will enhance the wood grain look of a door and also protect it against moisture but also knocks and scratches too. To ensure the door is fully protected, it should be treated thoroughly with no untreated wood left including the sides, bottom and any areas which have been altered to make room for hinges, handles and knobs.

    What Products Are Used For Your Oiling Service?

    Any solid oak doors which are oiled in house are finished in exactly the same product which we sell for customers to use themselves. Treatex Hardwax Oils are our chosen product for internal doors as they offer an unrivaled combination of protection and enhanced appearance.


    Treatex Hardwax Oils are also extremely easy to work with providing a smooth and even finish which is (with some basic DIY ability) both quick and straightforward to achieve. Water based treatments should NOT be used on our doors and this is why we highly recommend Treatex.

    Why Should I Use Your Oiling Service?

    Our oiling team treat hundreds of doors each day and as such can finish your doors both quickly and to the highest standard possible. With tools specific to the job, plenty of space and excellent ventilation, the working area is optimal.

    Treating your doors at home can be time consuming, messy and awkward if you don’t have any previous experience. So why not leave it to the professionals and instead receive your doors already finished and looking beautiful?

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  • Caring For Your Newly Delivered Solid Oak Doors

    Here at UK Oak Doors we take great pride in our brand and the relationships we have established with our customers since we were formed in 2005.

    From continuously reviewing customer feedback, we have been able to improve both of our products and service to provide you with a simple and safe shopping and shipping experience.

    But we know that what most contributes towards happy customers is the doors themselves and the sustainably sourced oak used to manufacture them. There’s no other way to achieve the natural beauty provided by using solid oak, but to enjoy that beauty for years to come, the oak must be cared for and treated.

    All of our solid oak internal and external doors are supplied pre-sanded and untreated. This provides you with the opportunity to finish your doors in your chosen tone rather than having it predetermined for you. But before we even get to that stage, your doors need to be cared for from the very moment they are delivered to your kerbside. Packaging, storage, treatment and maintenance are all vital, this article aims to make all of the above nice and straightforward so that you can enjoy your doors quickly and easily in all of their solid oak glory.

    Inspecting Your Doors

    When your order is delivered to the kerbside, the delivery driver will stay with you while you thoroughly check the condition of your doors to ensure there hasn’t been any damage caused in transit. It’s very rare that any damage will have been caused but this provides you with the opportunity to accept or refuse either part or all of your order so that it can quickly be returned to us for a replacement to be arranged.


    Your doors are well sealed from the factory to ensure that no atmospheric moisture can come into contact with the oak. After checking your order, the plastic should be resealed so that it is airtight and then the outer cardboard box also sealed to provide additional protection whilst the doors are moved and stored.


    Storing Your Doors

    Solid oak doors are very heavy. It’s part of their charm, that weighty, sturdy feel which can’t be replicated by an engineered alternative. But before hanging your new doors, you need to consider how that weight can affect the door. A common mistake is to stand new doors up against a wall which can cause them to bow in the centre.

    Instead, your doors should be laid flat but raised off the ground. They should be supported in at least three areas, with support spanning the width of the door and at very least at the top, middle and bottom. This method will not only adequately support the weight of the door and prevent bending but it also removes the risk of an extremely heavy door falling and potentially causing a lot of damage.

    The Storage Environment

    If you are not fitting your doors straight away, they must be stored supported above a flat, dry floor. Any untreated doors must be stored in a dry room which is free from any damp. This includes any recently plastered rooms where the walls are still dark and the moisture is yet to leave the plaster.

    Why Aren’t Our Doors Supplied Pre-Finished?

    We like our customers to have the freedom to finish their doors in the treatment and tone of their choosing. With our popular and proven Treatex Hardwax Oils available in a clear matt, light, medium or dark, you have various options for achieving exactly the right finish in your home.

    That doesn’t mean to say you don’t have the option to let us do the hard work. We also offer an in-house oiling service where our trained oiling team will finish your doors to the highest standard and repackage them to be dispatched to you so that they are ready to hang upon delivery. Simply choose the ‘pre-finished’ option when selecting your doors at the product page.

    Treatment & Maintenance

    Unless pre-finished, all of our doors must be treated before they are hung, not afterwards. It is vitally important not to miss areas where the door has been cut for hinges or any other door furniture as this would allow for moisture to get into the door and spread throughout it.

    Your doors should not be left out of their sealed packaging if they haven’t been treated as this puts them at risk of absorbing moisture in the atmosphere.

    You should only use high quality treatments such as Treatex Hardwax Oils for internal doors and Impranol Oils for external doors.

    Remember to check your doors regularly for damage after the door has been hung. The beauty of solid oak is that it can be sanded and retreated if ever scratched. This benefit means your solid oak doors will always stay looking their best and can always be protected against moisture.

    Follow these simple rules and your doors can last a lifetime! Not simple enough? Leave the hard work to our oiling team so that you can just sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of your new solid oak doors.


    This entry was posted in Blog, Resources on November 12, 2015 by UK Oak Doors Admin.

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  • Horrible Halloween Doors

    Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to decorate your external door or internal door to scare away any unwanted visitors. Whether you have a modern door or traditional door, there are plenty of different ways to create Halloween doors give your home a wonderfully wicked appearance.

    We’ve been searching Pinterest to find some of our favourite Halloween door finishes and you can find some of the best below. Hopefully these will provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need this Halloween but if you’ve done something completely different, we’d love to see it!

    The Witch

    Witch Door

    With a bit of creativity (and an old broom and pair of boots) why not turn your internal door into a witches’ crash scene like the fantastic example shown above. Based on a Victorian 4 Panel Internal door this 3D finish will really stand out and catch the eye of visitors.

    Scary Skeletons

    Scary Skeleton Door

    Why not terrify your children with this boarded up skeleton door. Wood effect card and reaching skeleton hands create a pretty terrifying finish for this Victorian 4 Panel door. A pair of eery eyes provide the finishing touch to this masterpiece.

    Horrible Hands

    Horrible Hands Door

    This one would scare even the most resilient. If you’re unfortunate enough to not see these grabbing hands from a distance, you’re in for the fright of your life once up close and personal. Again modeled on a Victorian 4 Panel internal door, these realistic looking hands are pretty horrific!

    Zombie Apocalypse Door

    Zombie Apocalypse Door

    The zombie apocalypse door is one of our favourites. Maybe it’s a result of watching too much The Walking Dead but we’d definitely think twice about getting too close to this frightening threshold. Some scrap wood, old clothes and a moody mask are all you’ll need to recreate this idea.

    The Traditional

    Traditional Door

    Okay so it might not be the scariest door on our list but we love this traditionally styled Halloween house. The gloomy Autumn light really sets off the bright orange pumpkins. This quirky look is quick and easy to achieve but shows you’re well and truly in the Halloween spirit.

    The Jack Skellington

    Jack Skellington Door

    These white doors are perfect for turning into an oversized Jack Skellington. Any white external door can quickly and easily be turned into the fan favourite Nightmare Before Christmas character which some black paper cut outs to create a truly fantastic finished item. We absolutely love this idea!

    The Freaky Funhouse

    Freaky Funhouse Door

    It might take slightly more work but this Funhouse External Door is well worth the additional effort. Terrific and terrifying at the same time, you’re likely to become famous in your local area and attract a significant amount of attention with this idea! Why not go all out and make your front door truly fantastic and frightening.

    With less than two weeks until Halloween, why not get started this weekend? We'd love to see your efforts. Why not share them with us on our Facebook page?

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  • Factoring In the Budget with Solid Oak Doors

    As a homeowner, one of the first things you’ll want to be aware of when putting together a new home improvement plan such as updating your internal and external doors is the overall cost of the entire job. When you start out it can be easy to see the cost as something to worry about later, but when you need to buy 4-5 solid oak doors for just one area of the house (or a room) then the entire bill that you expected to be paying can shoot up quite dramatically. This is why  budgeting is a super important factor and why here at UK Oak Doors we make every effort to pass across savings to our customers, by offering free delivery on all orders over £500 for example.

    Mexicano Solid Oak DOor

    The style and the budget available for your project is very important as it will help to define and shape other areas of expenditure within your home improvement plans, so make sure that you take the time needed to understand what you have to do to get the right kind of oak doors at the right price. Here are some things to consider with regards to your budget;

    Purchasing incrementally or all at once?

    You need to decide if you want to purchase your solid oak doors all at once and complete your project in one go. Naturally, your budget will stretch further if you do it incrementally, but it could take you a matter of months to receive all of the doors ready to be used and you may also not qualify for free delivery if you decide to split your required doors into multiple deliveries.

    Ledge With Optional Brace

    If you decide to do it all at once, do you have room to store these doors in a place where the oak is protected from atmospheric moisture? Generally there is space to keep them securely wrapped up / away from any dangerous weathering.

    Another point you’ll have to consider is if your budget really stretch to absorb such a financial upfront cost? This should be considered early on as we advise not opting for a compromise and missing out on quality solid oak doors which provide a far superior fit, finish and feel to any alternative.

    Think Long-Term

    Remember that doors are not the be-all and end-all of the project; if you still need to fill all the rooms in the house, then perhaps look to finance options? Finance will involve a third party provider to provide you with the initial upfront investment for you then to pay a recurring monthly fee back to the provider over a period of x years (depending on the contract agreed).

    In Bulk

    Sometimes, ordering a large number of oak doors at once can get you a nice discount from the seller. Here at UK Oak Doors we regularly have sales which offer discounts off certain styles and quantities of doors, these are always great to look out for.

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  • 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Replacement Doors

    Is it time to get replacement doors? Read our guide to find out if your doors are due an upgrade.

    Spotting the right moment to buy a new appliance is usually straightforward. Your washing machine will leak and your laptop refuses to start. Each item fails in its job, so it’s obvious when you need a new one. But how can you tell if you need replacement doors? It’s not quite so clear cut, unless look out for these 5 tell-tale signs. Continue reading

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  • 5 Questions to Consider Before You Buy New Doors

    If you’re buying new doors for your home, it’s time to pause and think about what you really need. Should you opt for stunning solid oak? Or would oak veneer be a worthy alternative at a lesser cost? To help you make the decision, we’ve put together five must-ask questions to reveal all you need to know.

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  • 10 Ways to help Birds

    Helping your local bird population can be as rewarding for you as it is for them! Anyone can help birds, whatever their age - it’s a great way of teaching children about wildlife from a young age. We have compiled a guide of the top things you can do, all year round to help birds.

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  • How to Make Money Being Green

    Looking to make a bit of extra money around the house? This is for you… If you’ve got a little bit of money spare – perhaps you’ve been saving up for the right investment – then something that simply has to be considered is going green around the home. Did you know that instead of getting energy bills each month, you could be sending out energy bills to suppliers? Not literally, but if you’re generating your own energy at home then you are able to sell it back to the electrical grid, rather than you having to fork out to use theirs.

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